Wusheng the Contemplative

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Goal: Less of an optomized character, Wúshēng is an attempt to have fun with a Vow of Silence Monk.

Due to Wúshēng being used in a Dying Magic campaign, I have opted to use Vow of Poverty.

  • Find a way to get Exotic Weapons despite Vow of Poverty.
  • Dip a Level of Psychic Warrior for Summon Weapon which allows for a conjuring of a quick weapon.
  • Master of 9 Prestige Class?

Also might consider the Ancestral Weapon Feat for an Ancestral Meteor Hammer type weapon.

Mostly wanders about with a Quarterstaff, her robes, and her hand & foot wraps.

Wúshēng has a few tattoos that she created herself. (Tatooed Monk dip?)

→ Lotus Blossom on the Back of her Left fist.
→ Weasel Spirit Sleave Wrap on Right Wrist.
→ Large Turtle Shell on Back
→ Discipline Tattoos

Wusheng the Contemplative

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