Thyggn the Nihilist

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Goal: To build a powerful character using only 1-level dips.

Premise: Requires the use of Fraction Bab/Saves, Alignment: Chaotic Evil, 16+ Int, 13+ Str, Homebrewed Elder Evil (The Red King) [Has no Mechanical Effects, but serves as a flavor buffer for the character]


Race Template
Changeling Dark Creature
32 Buy In
Ability Score Point Cost
Strength 15 8
Dexterity 10 2
Constitution 10 2
Intelligence 16 10
Wisdom 12 4
Charisma 14 6
Level Class Sneak Attack Skills Feats Special
1st Rogue 1d6 Balance 4, Bluff 4, Concentration(cc) 2, Disguise 4, Hide 4, Jump 4, Move Silently 4, Perform (Act) 4, Search 4, Sense Motive 4, Spot 4, Tumble 4, Use Magic Device 4 (13/13) Flaw (Vulnerable), Flaw (Shaky), Willing Deformity [Vile]2, Dark Stalker, Craven, Combat Expertise Changeling Rogue ACF, Add Knowledge (Religion), Serve Elder Evil (The Red King)
2nd Spellthief 2d6 Concentration 4, Knowledge (Arcana) 4, Search 5, Spellcraft 1, Use Magic Device 5 (9/9)
3rd Cleric 2d6 Perform (Act)(cc) 5, Knowledge (Arcana) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 6 (9/9) Power Attack, Improved Initiative1, Weapon Proficiency [Warhammer]1 4, Weapon Focus [Warhammer]1 4 Cloistered ACF, Turn Undead, Time Domain, Metal Domain, Knowledge Domain
! LA Reduction EXP Cost 3,000: -1 LA
4th Battle Dancer 2d6 Balance 5, Hide 7, Move Silently 7 (7/7) Improved Unarmed Attack1, Knowledge Devotion3 +1 Charisma
5th Fighter 3d6 Jump 8, Speak Language (Draconic) 1 (5/5) Deformity (Tall) [Vile]2, Armor Proficiency (Heavy)1 4, Armor Proficiency (Medium)1 4, Tower Shield Proficiency1 4, Shield Proficiency1 4 Sneak Attack ACF
6th Justiciar of Taiia 4d6 Concentration 6, Hide 9, Move Silently 9, Spellcraft 4 (9/9) Alertness, EWP (Spiked Chain)1 Gain Spells, but shortly lose them
7th Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries 4d6 Hide (cc) 10, Knowledge (Arcana) 6, Move Silently (cc) 10, Spot 6 (7/7)
8th Nightsong Enforcer 5d6 (Hide 11, Search 8, Spot 8, Tumble 5 (7/7) +1 Charisma
9th Assassin 6d6 Use Magic Device 9, Disguise 7 (7/7) Improved Trip
10th Unseen Seer 7d6 Bluff 8, Disguise 8, Hide 13, Use Magic Device (cc)10 (9/9) Deformity (Teeth) [Vile]2 +1 Assassin Spell Casting
11th Barbarian 7d6 Perform (Act)(cc) 8, Intimidate 1 (7/7) Lion Spirit Totem ACF, Whirling Frenzy ACF
12th Master of Masks 8d6* Craft (Deathmask) 1, Gather Information(cc) 3 (7/7) Improved Bull Rush Assassin Mask, Faceless Mask, +1 Charisma
13th Swordsage 10d6** Intimidate 3, Craft (Weaponsmithing) 3, Craft (Alchemy) 1, Concentration 8 Knowledge (Nature) 1 -(9/9) - IL 7 (ML 4th)
14th Shadow Thief of Amn 11d6** Knowledge (Local) 1, Move Silently 13, Use Magic Device (cc) 11, Use Rope 2 (8/9) Persuasive feat from retraining Otyugh Hole feat
15th Psychic Rogue 12d6** Craft (Leatherworking) 2, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (cc) 1, Knowledge (The Planes) 1, Use Magic Device 13, Collector of Stories [Skill Trick] (9/9) Shock Trooper, Insane Defiance [Vile]2 Force Screen
16th Psychic Warrior 12d6** Autohypnosis 1, Knowledge (Psionics) 2, Use Magic Device (cc) 13 (5/5) Leap Attack1 +1 Charisma
17th Warblade 12d6** Hide (cc) 14, Move Silently (cc) 14, Use Magic Device (cc) 14.5 (7/7) IL 9 (ML 5th)
18th Exotic Weapons Master 12d6** Hide (cc) 15, Move Silently (cc) 15, Use Magic Device (cc) 15 (5/5) Battle Jump Exotic Weapon Flurry
19th Sonokineticist 12d6** Hide (cc) 16, Move Silently (cc) 16, Use Magic Device (cc) 15.5 (5/5) Weapon Aptitude Weapon Focus from Sword Sage to Whip.
20th Lasher 13d6*** Hide (cc) 17, Move Silently (cc) 17, Use Magic Device (cc) 16 (5/5) Abominable Form [Vile]2 +1 Charisma
*1d6 Sneak Attack from a Mask, Supernatural Ability
**As above & 2d6 Sneak Attack from constant stance, Extraordinary Ability
***As above & 1d6 Sneak Attack with Whip only, Extraordinary Ability

1 Bonus Feat from Class

2 Vile feat for serving “The Red King”

3 Domain Shuffle: Knowledge Domain to Knowledge Devotion

4 Dark Chaos Shuffled for new Feat ASAP, see below.

Thyggn Bab, & Saves

Level Class HD Bab Fort Refl Will Note
1st Rogue d6 0.75 [2/6] 2[3/6] [2/6] 1st level bonus
2nd Spellthief d6 1.50 [4/6] 2[5/6] 1[1/6]
3rd Cleric d6 2.00 1[1/6] 3[1/6] 1[4/6]
! LA Reduction
4th Battle Dancer d8 3.00 1[3/6] 3[4/6] 2[0/6]
5th Fighter d10 4.00 2[0/6] 4[0/6] 2[2/6]
6th Justiciar of Taiia d6 4.75 2[2/6] 4[3/6] 2[5/6] Assuming “1st PRC”: +1 Will & Refl
7th Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries d8 5.50 2[5/6] 5[0/6] 3[2/6] Assuming “Alt PRC”: +1 Fort
8th Nightsong Enforcer d8 6.50 3[1/6] 5[3/6] 3[4/6]
9th Assassin d6 7.25 3[3/6] 6[0/6] 4[0/6]
10th Unseen Seer d4 8.00 3[5/6] 6[2/6] 4[3/6]
11th Barbarian d12 9.00 4[2/6] 6[4/6] 4[5/6]
12th Master of Masks d6 9.50 4[4/6] 7[1/6] 5[2/6]
13th Swordsage d8 10.25 5[0/6] 7[4/6] 5[5/6]
14th Shadow Thief of Amn d6 11.00 5[2/6] 8[1/6] 6[1/6]
15th Psychic Rogue d6 11.75 5[4/6] 8[4/6] 6[3/6]
16th Psychic Warrior d8 12.50 6[1/6] 9[0/6] 6[5/6]
17th Warblade d12 13.50 6[4/6] 9[2/6] 7[1/6]
18th Exotic Weapons Master d10 14.50 7[1/6] 9[4/6] 7[3/6]
19th Sonokineticist d8 15.25 7[4/6] 10[1/6] 7[5/6]
20th Lasher d10 16.00 8[0/6] 10[4/6] 8[1/6]


If it were a Single Class Chasis
  • Medium BAB +1
  • Good Reflex Save -2, Poor Fortitude and Will +2.
  • D8 Hitdice [Average HD is d(7.8)]
  • 4+Int mod Skills/Level [Average Skills is 4.3]
  • This is Marginally Similar to a Ranger with -2 Skills, and a Weaker Fortitude Save.
Dark Chaos Shuffle

Perform the Dark Chaos Shuffle for granted Fighter feats & Metal Domain feats using spells Embrace the Dark Chaos (Fiendish Codex I, page 92) and Shun the Dark Chaos (Fiendish Codex I, page 95) serially with feat Demonic Sneak Attack [Abyssal Heritor] each time as the temporary intermediary (Fiendish Codex I, page 82). Gain the following Feats in this order:

  • Aberration Blood
  • Inhuman Reach
  • Extended Reach
  • Travel Devotion
  • Snap Kick
  • Knock-Down

Cost Analysis

  • 6 + 2 Instances of Dark Chaos Shuffle [29,400 GP]
    • Embrace the Dark Chaos L.8, CL.15, XP 250: [2,450 GP] x 6 + 2
    • Shun the Dark Chaos L.8, CL.15, XP 250: [2,450 GP] x 6 + 2
Alternative Levels
  • Generic Warrior (UA) [+2d6 Sneak Attack & +1 BAB] (Might not be allowed)
  • Ronin (CW) [+1d6 Sneak Attack & +1 BAB] (Requires EWP Bastard Sword: Weapon Aptitude]
  • Psychic Rogue (Online) [+1d6 Sneak Attack & .75 BAB]
  • Avenger (Online) [+1d6 Sneak Attack & .75 BAB] (Requires Non-chaotic: No word on Battle Dancers of different Alignments, but “A monk who becomes nonlawful cannot gain new levels as a monk but retains all monk abilities,” might be relevant)
  • Lurk (CPsi) [Faux +1d6 Sneak Attack & .75 BAB] (Good with Practiced Manifester Feat)
  • Psychic Assassin (Online) [+1d6 Sneak Attack & .75 BAB] (Requires Practiced Manifester Feat)
  • Warlock (CArc) [+1d6 Eldritch Blast & .75 BAB] (Might Qualify for Demon Binder…maybe?)
  • Warshaper (CW) [+103~ Natural Weapons…]
Equipment & Services
Ideal Lay-Out
Body Slot Layer 1 Layer 2 Mundane
Head [Altered] Hathran Mask - Obsidian Circlet Set with 2 Moonstones & 1 Opal
Face Master of Masks - Black Leather & White Marble
Throat [Altered] Third Eye of Concealment - Silver Locket with Eye concealed within
Shoulders Banner of the Storm’s Eye Cloak of Mysterious Emergence Black Silk Weighted Cloak
Torso Vest of the Rouge Vest of Many Styles Black Silk Body Suit
Body (armor) Gleaming Soulfire +1 Robe with Armor Spikes
Hands Gloves of Balance Glove of Javelins? Black Silk Gloves
Arms Deathstrike Bracers Bracers of the Hunter Obsidian Bracers
Ring 1 Freedom of Movement - Obsidian Signet Ring with Moonstone
Ring 2 Blinking - Obsidian Poison Ring with Opal
Waist Belt of Battle Monk’s Belt Black Bauldric Silver Buckle
Feet Steadfast Boots Sandals of Tiger’s Leap Black Silent Shoes
Weapon 1 Deadly Precision +1 Glassteel Spiked Chain [Wand Chamber]
Weapon 2 +Deadly Precision 1 Darkwood Composite Longbow [2] [Wand Chamber]
Weapon 3 Eager Warning +1 Masterwork Armor Spike
Slottless Feathered Wings - Wings personally carved off of an Outsider
Slottless Glaring Eye - Eye personally plucked from a Dragon of somesort
Lvl Wealth by Level * Theoretical Equipment* Cost Weight (66 lb.) Sales Notes
1st Rogue (125 gp) Backpack, Chalk (10x) [ROYGBIVWWB], Dagger, Explorer’s Outfit, Flint & Steal (x2), Grappling Hook, Handax (Camp Hatchet), Marbles (Rock Crystal), Monk’s Outfit, Quarter Staff, Silk Rope (100ft), Steel Mirror, Studded Leather, Sunrod (x5), Silent Shoes, Trail Bar (x25), Vials (5x), Waterskin, Whetstone, Winter Blanket; 1 Gold Piece 124 gp 64.5 LB - PHB pg.131 First Outfit is Free & Weightless (Explorer’s Outfit)
2nd 900 gp Black Body Suit of Many Styles; 248 Gold Pieces 652 gp 63.5 LB Monk’s Outfit (2 GP) 2LB -
3rd 2,700 gp MW Chain Shirt & Spikes(Mithral); 760 Gold Pieces 1940 gp 56 LB Studded leather (12 GP) When Cha hits 18 sell Mithral Shirt
4th 5,400 gp Otyugh Hole [Skill Focus (Intimidate)], 460 Gold Pieces 4940 gp 56 LB - Retrain Skill Focus (Itimidate) to Persuasive
5th 9,000 gp Handy Haversack, 2061 Gold Pieces 6939 gp 24 LB Backpack (1 gp) Weapons & Armor are the only things that contribute to weight
Under Construction
6th 13,000 gp 1 Glassteel Spiked Chain [Wand Chamber], +1 Darkwood Elvencraft Composite Longbow [2] [Wand Chamber], 26 Gold Pieces 12974 gp 31.5 LB - -
Under Construction
7th 19,000 gp Steadfast Silent Shoes of the Tiger’s Leap, 411 Gold Pieces 18589 gp 31.5 LB Silent Shoes (15 gp) Might save 700 gp with the MIC rate for this layered magic item (4,900 vs. 5,600)
8th 27,000 gp No Purchases; 8,411 Gold Pieces 18589 gp 31.5 LB - -
9th 36,000 gp No Purchases; 17,411 Gold Pieces 18589 gp 31.5 LB - -
10th 49,000 gp 6x Dark Chaos Shuffle, 3 Charges in 5 x Wands5; 201 Gold Pieces 48799 gp 31.81 LB - If Staff of Entropic Knowledge is Needed, Wait until L.11 to purchase (Gold Difference is 4,500 gp)
11th 66,000 gp Cloak of Charisma +2, Spiked Guantlet, Pauldon with Armor Spikes, +10 charges in 5 x Wands5; 11,094 Gold Pieces 54906 gp 23.31 LB MW Chain Shirt & Spikes(Mithral) (MW Chain Shirt & Spikes(Mithral) (650 gp) Assuming a Pauldron Costs 2 gp, same as a gauntlet, weighs 1 lb., and is not actually armor for AC Bonus purposes.
12th 88,000 gp Sparring Dummy of the Master; 3,094 Gold Pieces 84906 gp 23.31 LB - -
13th 110,000 gp Ring of Freedom of Movement; 94 Gold Pieces 109906 gp 23.31 LB Sparring Dummy of the Master (15,000) Sell Sparring Dummy to party member for 75% gold, and instruct them in it’s use, or train them as a Monk.
14th 150,000 gp Feather Wings, Belt of Battle, Deathstrike Bracers of the Hunter; 2,094 Gold Pieces 147906 gp 23.31 LB - Might save 2,500 gp with the MIC rate for this layered magic item (13,500 vs. 16,000)
Under Construction
15th 200,000 gp Vest of the Rogue of Many Styles, +1 Deadly Precision (Skiked Chain), +1 Deadly Precision (Composite Longbow), Gloves of Balance; 9,344 Gold Pieces 190656 gp 23.31 LB - Might save 250 gp with the MIC rate for this layered magic item (18,500 vs. 18,750)
Under Construction
16th 260,000 gp ;69,344 Gold Pieces 190656 gp 23.31 LB - -
17th 340,000 gp ;149,344 Gold Pieces 190656 gp 23.31 LB - -
18th 440,000 gp ;249,344 Gold Pieces 190656 gp 23.31 LB - -
19th 580,000 gp ;389,344 Gold Pieces 190656 gp 23.31 LB - -
20th 760,000 gp ;569,344 Gold Pieces 190656 gp 23.31 LB - -

5 Wands = Wraithstrike, CL.9 Hunter’s Eye, Grave Strike, Golem Strike, Vine Strike (UMD 20, 1 Charge in each = 270gp)

Items to be purchased

Item Cost Source Notes
Black Body Suit of Many Styles 530 GP RoE pg.175 & A&EG pg.29 +2 Hide, +2 Disguise, Clothes Change
MW Glassteel Spiked Chain [Wand Chamber] 1025 GP PHB, CoV pg.65, Dungeonscape
Under Construction
MW Darkwood Elvencraft Composite Longbow [+2] [Wand Chamber] 1010 GP PHB, CoV pg.65, Dungeonscape
Under Construction
MW Chain Shirt with Spikes (Mithral) 1,300 GP PHB & DMG When Cha hits 18 sell
Handy Haversack 2,000 GP DMG -
The Otyugh Hole 3,000 GP CS -
Cloak of Charisma +2 4,000 GP DMG -
Steadfast Silent Shoes of the Tiger’s Leap 4,900/5,600 GP MIC pg.138, A&EG, S&F pg.77 Always readied against a charge, +4 vs Bullrush & such, and 2x damage on unarmed attacks on a charge, +1 MS
+1 Deadly Precision (Spiked Chain) 8,000 GP MIC +1d6 SA
1 Deadly Precision (Composite Longbow [2]) 8,000 GP MIC +1d6 SA
Feather Wings (Graft) 10,000 GP FF Ex Flight, 2x Land Speed, (Average), & Buffet Bluff as a Free Action for +2 to all attacks
Belt of Battle 12,000 GP MIC Extra Actions per Day
Deathstrike Bracers of the Hunter 13,500/16,000 GP MIC pg.93. & SoX pg.146 +1d6 SA & Swift: SA vs Foes Immune (not Fort) for 1 round, 3x Day
Vest of the Rogue Layered with of Many Styles & 18,500/18,750 GP MIC pg.130 +1d6 Sneak Attack
6x Dark Chaos Shuffle 29,400 GP FC:I & PHB -
Staff of Entropic Knowledge 12 charges 33,900 GP FC:I & PHB Alternate Dark Chaos Shuffle
Sparring Dummy of the Master 30,000 GP A&EG pg.137 Sell when finished
Ring of Freedom of Movement 40,000 GP DMG 232 -
Wand Charges of Wraithstrike 90 GP/Charge SPC & DMG Scr 2, Touch Attack with Weapon, 1-Round, Swift Action
Wand Charges of CL.4 Hunter’s Eye 60 GP/Charge PHBII & DMG Rgr 2, +1d6 SA, 1-Round, Swift Action
Wand Charges of CL.6 Hunter’s Eye 90 GP/Charge PHBII & DMG Rgr 2, +2d6 SA, 1-Round, Swift Action
Wand Charges of CL.9 Hunter’s Eye 135 GP/Charge PHBII & DMG Rgr 2, +3d6 SA, 1-Round, Swift Action
Wand Charges of Grave Strike 15 GP/Charge CAdv & DMG Clc 1, SA Undead, 1-Round, Swift Action
Wand Charges of Golem Strike 15 GP/Charge CAdv & DMG Src 1, SA Constructs, 1-Round, Swift Action
Wand Charges of Vine Strike 15 GP/Charge CAdv & DMG Drd1, SA Plants, 1-Round, Swift Action

Other Items for Consideration

  • [Layered] Monk’s Belt of Battle
  • [Head Slot] [Layered] Hathran Mask of True Seeing & Thrid Eye Conceal
  • Magic Cystals of Gravestrike & Golemstrike
  • [Layered] Banner of the Storm’s Eye & Cloak of Mysterious Emergence (Stun-Proof and Fear supression not Immunity!, and Teleportation)
  • Ring of Blinking (Miss Chance & Reliable Sneak Attack)
  • Soulfire Armor [+4] (Immunity to Negative levels, Death Effects, and negative energy)
  • Gleaming Armor [+2] (20% misschance, not negated by Truesight or Blindsight, only Tremorsense if on ground)
  • 1 Warning / Armor Spikes (7 Initiative)
  • Glaring Eye (Central Eye Graft?): Blindsense 30ft
Magic & The Like

Spells, Powers, & Maneuvers Known

  • Critical Strike: Assassin 1, Divination (Important for PrC)
  • True Strike: Assassin 1/Time 1, Divination (Important for PrC)
  • Shock and Awe: Assassin 1, Enchantment (Important for PrC)
  • Steal Spells from Party Members as needed (I.E. Cure Light Wounds from an Unconscious Cleric)
  • Message, Cleric 0, Transmutation (Cloistered Cleric)
  • Identify, Cleric 1, Divination: NO Arcane Material Component! (Cloistered Cleric)
  • Erase, Cleric 1, Transmutation (Cloistered Cleric)
  • Unseen Servant, Cleric 1, Conjuration (Cloistered Cleric)
  • Inflict Light Wounds, Cleric 1, Necromancy (Spontaneous Spell)
  • Protection From X, Cleric 1, Abjuration (Decent Mental Defenses)
  • Magic Weapon, Metal 1, Transmutation (Domain)
  • True Strike, Time 1, Divination (Domain)
  • Summon Monster I, Cleric 1, Conjuration (Flanking!)
  • Chameleon, Psychic Warrior 1, Psychometabolism [+10 Enhancement to Hide for 10 minutes]
  • Force Screen, Psychic Rogue 1, Psychokinesis [Force] [+4 Shield AC for 1 hour]
  • Shadow Garrote: Swordsage 3, Strike, Shadow Hand, (Ranged Attack 5d6 & Flatfooted; SU)
  • Cloak of Deception: Swordsage 2, Boost, Shadow Hand (Greater Invisibility, Swift; SU)
  • Wolf Fang Strike: Swordsage 1, Strike, Tiger Claw, (Standard Action: 2 Attacks)
  • Death From Above: Swordsage 4, Strike, Tiger Claw, (DC 20 Jump, Make Foe Flatfooted for attack)
  • Mountain Hammer; Swordsage 2, Strike, Stone Dragon, (Over come DR +2d6 Damage)
  • Distracting Ember; Swordsage L.1, Boost, Desert Wind (Gain Flanking)
  • Assassin’s Stance: Swordsage 3, Stance, Shadow Hand, (Always on for +2d6 Sneak Attack)
  • Sudden Leap: Warblade 1, Boost, Tiger Claw (Swift: Jump = Movement)
  • White Raven Tactics: Warblade 3, Boost, White Raven (Swift: Go now, kthankx)
  • Dancing Mongoose: Warblade 5, Boost, Tiger Claw (Swift: +1 Bonus attack per weapon (max 2))
  • Leading the Charge: Warblade 1, Stance, White Raven (+7~ Bonus to Charge Attacks)

A Litany of Tricks from Race & Class

  • Medium Humanoid [Extraplanar] [Shapechanger]
  • +2 racial bonus vs. Sleep & Charm effects. [Na]
  • +2 racial bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, & Sense Motive checks. [Na]
  • Minor Change Shape: Disguise Self Transmutation Full-round action, +10 Disguise. (True seeing) [Su]
  • Natural Linguist: Speak Language is always an in-class skill. [Na]
  • Shapechanger Subtype [Na]
  • Extraplanar Subtype [Na]
  • Native to the Plane of Shadow [Na]
  • 40ft Move Speed [Na]
  • Darkvision 60ft [Na]
  • Hide in Plain Sight: Hide while observed (No nat. daylight or Daylight spell or effect) [Ex]
  • Cold Resistance 10 [Na]
  • Superior Low-Light Vision [Na]
  • Racial Bonus to Hide +8, and Move Silently +6. [Na]
  • Hand Crossbow Proficiency
  • Light Armor Proficiency
  • Martial Weapon Proficiency
  • Gather Information takes (1d4+1) x 10 min, or 1d4+1 min; not 1d4+1 hours. [Ex]
  • Gut assessment of social situation as Full-Round; not 1 minute. [Ex]
  • Always can take 10 on Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Sense Motive. [Ex]
  • Trapfinding (Spellthief) [Ex]
  • Steal Spell: Forgo 1d6 Sneak Attack or Touch Attack; Disable L.0 or L.1 Spell for 1 min; can hold 1 spell (or 2 L.0 spells) for up to 1 hour; only spells. [Su]
  • Lore (Cloistered Cleric): As Bardic Knowledge using 1 Cleric level + Intelligence Modifier. [Ex]
  • Rebuke Undead: 3+Cha/day, Largely Used to power Travel Devotion.
  • Unarmed Damage: 1d6 Lethal or Nonlethal [Manufactured & Natural for Spells & effects] [Na]
  • AC Bonus: When Unarmored & Unencumbered add Cha to armor class vs Touch Attacks & Flat-footed. [Ex]
  • Evasion! [Ex]
  • Teamwork: +20 circumstance bonus on Listen and Spot checks to hear and see allies. [Ex]
  • Death Attack: Study victim 3 rounds & melee sneak attack to Kill or Paralyze (1d6+1 rounds) DC 11+Int. [Na]
  • Pounce: On a charge follow with a full attack. [Na]
  • Whirling Frenzy: 1/day +4 Str, +2 Dodge to AC & Ref. Bonus attack, flurry style. [Ex]
  • Persona Masks: On as a Standard Action, Off as a Move Action. 2 Known, 1 in use. [Su]
  • Persona Mask (Faceless): Nondetection DC ??? & +5 vs. Mind Effects. True Neutral. [Su]
  • Persona Mask (Assassin): +2d6 Sneak Attack damage. Lawful Evil. [Su]
  • Swordsage Maneuvers: Ready 5 Maneuvers with 5 minutes of mediation. [Na]
  • Swordsage Meditation: Recover Swordsage used Maneuvers as a Full-round action. [Na]
  • Quick to Act: +1 to Initiative [Ex]
  • Discipline Focus (Shadow Hand): Weapon Focus [Dagger, Sai, Short Sword, Spiked Chain, Siangham, and Unarmed Strike [Na]
  • Double Speak: +2 bonus on Bluff & Diplomacy checks. [Ex]
  • 2 Power Points: 1 from Psychic Rogue, the other from Psychic Warior
  • Warblade Maneuvers: Ready 3 Maneuvers with 5 minutes of mediation. [Na]
  • Warblade Recovery: Recover Warblade used Maneuvers as a swift-action followed with a melee attack or standard action unused. [Na]
  • Battle Clarity: Add Int to Reflex Saves when not flat-footed [Ex]
  • Weapon Aptitude: 1 hour- Change the designated weapon for any feat that applies only to a single weapon. [must have the new weapon] [Ex]
  • Exotic Stunt (Flurry of Strikes): Requires a Full Attack Action. Flurry with Spiked Chain or Double-Exotic Weapons. [Ex]
  • Sonic Lash: Fashion a Sonic-Whip as a Move Action; 1d8 Touch Attack, disapates when let go. [Ps]
  • Close Combat: Can Attack with a whip without provoking AoO. [Ex]

A Litany of Tricks from Feats

  • L.1 Vulnerable [Flaw]: -1 penalty to Armor Class
  • L.1 Shaky [Flaw]: -2 to Ranged Attack rolls.
  • L.1 Willing Deformity [Elder Evil]: +3 bonus on Intimidate checks. (Preq: Evil)
  • L.1 Dark Stalker: Blindsense, blindsight, scent, or tremorsense must Listen check or a Spot check (whichever DC is higher) to notice Thyggn.
  • L.1 Craven: -2 vs Fear, + Character Level damage to Sneak Attack. (Preq: Not Immune to Fear)
  • L.1 Combat Expertise: -1 to -5 to attack for +1 to +5 Dodge bonus AC. Cannot exceed Bab. (Preq: Int 13)
  • L.3 Power Attack: Trade Bab to Attack for Damage. 2x on 2-Handers. (Preq: Str 13)
  • L.3 Improved Initiative [Time]: +4 Initiative
  • L.3 Martial Weapon Proficiency (Warhammer) [Metal]: DCS for Inhuman Reach.
  • L.3 Weapon Focus (Warhammer) [Metal]: DCS for Aberration Blood.
  • Aberration Blood (Flexible limbs) [DCS]: +2 on Grapple Checks. (Preq: Humanoid Type)
  • Inhuman Reach [DCS]: +2 Climb Checks, -1 Melee Attacks, +5ft Reach. (Preq: Aberration Blood)
  • L.4 Knowledge Devotion [Devotion Trade]: 1 Knowledge Skill is a permanent In class skill (The Planes); & Free Action at Start of Combat to get bonus to Attack & Damage vs. most Enemies. (See table below)
Knowledge Devotion
Knowledge Check Bonus Damage & Attack
15- +1
16-25 +2
26-30 +3
31-35 +4
36+ +5
  • L.4 Improved Unarmed Attack [Battle Dancer]: Threat & Such.
  • L.5 Deformity (Tall) [Elder Evil]: -1 AC, -2 on Hide checks, & +5ft Reach (Preq: Willing Deformity, Medium, Evil)
  • L.5 Armor Proficiency (Heavy)[Fighter]: DCS for Extended Reach.
  • L.5 Armor Proficiency (Medium)[Fighter]: DCS for Travel-Devotion
  • L.5 Tower Shield Proficiency[Fighter]: DCS for Snap Kick @ Lvl 8 or after Base Attack Bonus 6
  • L.5 Shield Proficiency[Fighter]: DCS for Knock-Down @ Lvl 9 or after Improved Trip
  • Extended Reach [DCS]: +5ft Reach (Preq: Small or Larger Sized)
  • Travel Devotion [DCS]: +2 on Grapple Checks. (Preq: Humanoid Type)
  • Snap Kick[DCS]: When making any kind of melee attack, may add an Unarmed Strike into the mix at Full Bab, but all attacks suffer -2. (Preq: Improved Unarmed Strike, Bab 6+)
  • Knock-Down [DCS]: When dealing 10+ damage in melee, gain a free Trip Attack against that opponent (Preq: Improved Trip, Bab +2, Str 15).
  • L.6 Alertness: +2 bonus on all Listen checks and Spot checks.
  • L.6 Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Spiked Chain) [Justiciar of Taiia]: Proficiency with Spiked Chain.
  • L.9 Improved Trip: No AoO for trip attempts. 4 to Str in Trip Check. If tripped, free melee attack against that opponent. (Preq: Int 11, Combat Expertise)
  • L.10 Deformity (Teeth) [Elder Evil]: Gain 1d4 Bite Attack, +1 Intimidate. (Preq: Willing Deformity, Evil)
  • L.12 Improved Bull Rush: No AoO for Bull Rush attempts. 4 to Str in Bull Rush Check. (Preq: Str 13, Power Attack)
  • L.13 Weapon Focus (Dagger) [Swordsage]: +1 to attacks made with daggers. WA to Bite @ L.17
  • L.13 Weapon Focus (Sai) [Swordsage]: +1 to attacks made with sais. WA to Whip @ L.19
  • L.13 Weapon Focus (Short sword) [Swordsage]: +1 to attacks made with short swords. WA to Long Bow @ L.17
  • L.13 Weapon Focus (Spiked Chain) [Swordsage]: +1 to attacks made with spiked chains.
  • L.13 Weapon Focus (Siangham) [Swordsage]: +1 to attacks made with siangham. WA to Armor Spike @ L.17
  • L.13 Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike) [Swordsage]: +1 to attacks made with Unarmed Strike.
  • BEFORE L.14: Skill Focus (Intimidate) [Otyugh Hole]: +3 Intimidate. Retrain to Persuasive.
  • BEFORE L.14: Persuasive [Retained Otyugh Hole]: +2 Bluff & +2 Intimidate checks.
  • L.15 Shock Trooper: Gain 3 new Combat Maneuvers (Preq: Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, Bab +6)
    • Directed Bull Rush: Charge & Bullrush, every 5ft knocked back, also may knock left or right 5ft.
    • Domino Rush: Bullrush 1 foe into another? Free trip attempt against both. No counter trip.
    • Heedless Charge: Charge & Power Attack for -5 or greater, may assign power attack penalty to AC and not attack bonus, up to Bab.
  • L.15 Insane Defiance [Elder Evil]: Immediate Action; Targeted by Mind-Affecting? Take 1 point of Wisdom Damage, and retarget effect! New target suffers -4 to save. (Preq: Will +5)
  • L.16 Leap Attack [Psychic Warrior]: If Jumping 10ft in charge, +100% damage from Power attack. (Preq: Jump 8, Power Attack)
  • Collector of Stories [Skill Trick]: +5 to Identify a specific Creature (good with Knolwedge Devotion).
  • L.18 Battle Jump: Charge by jumping down, if Charging from over 5ft above enemy, Double Damage or Trip/Grapple as Large.
  • L.20 Abominable Form [Elder Evil]: When seeing true face, Living Creatures must Will Save DC (15+ 2 for each Deformity feat: 23) or Shaken for rounds = Con mod (min 1). +1 Intimidate. (Preq: Willing Deformity, Evil)
General Notes

To Discuss With DM

  • Fractional BAB/Saves [Homebrew for saves, because rediculous]
  • LA Buy-Off
  • Elder Evil Service; Specifically the Red King Azagorath
  • The Dark Chaos Shuffle
  • Tome of Battle (Is it allowed?)
  • Psionics (Is it allowed?)
    → Specifically:
  • Armor Spikes on a “Pauldron” as a Non-armor Item (Priced as Guantlet)
  • Layering Magic Items: (MIC for free, or DMG for 1.5x Cost of lesser)
  • Master of Masks: layering Masks as Magic Items (1.5x Cost? More?) Layering Masks in Magic Items?
Fraction Saves Homebrew

Saves provide either 2/6 or 3/6 bonus if they are strong or weak (1/3 or 1/2 respectively).
A character’s first level ever provides a +2 bonus to strong saves only.
[Optional] A character’s first prestige class level ever provides a +1 bonus to strong saves only.
[Optional] Each new PrC can provide a +1 bonus to the strong saves, but these +1 bonuses never stack, thus a character could only ever get +1 for each save.


Free Actions

  • Knowledge Check vs. Enemy for bonus damage & Attack [Knowledge Devotion]
  • Tripped Opponent: Melee Attack vs Opponent [Improved Trip]
  • 10 Damage to Opponent: Free trip attack [Knock-Down]
  • 10-ft Step [Sparring Dummy of the Master]
  • After Bull-Rushing an opponent into another opponent: Trip attack vs both [Shock Trooper]
  • Bluff Check vs Sense Motive, for +2 to all attacks 1 round. [Feathed Wings]

Note: Sonic Lash & Spiked Chain are not meant to be used together. The Sonic Lash is for free Touch Attacks when need be, the Spiked chain has longer reach, more damage, and Flurry.
The Lasher’s +1d6 Sneak attack with Lash makes up for the +1d6 Sneak attack the Spiked Chain has through Magical ENhancement, but the Sonic lash cannot have.


Credit to Curmudgeon of GitPG for levels 1-10 of this this build.
Making this a L.20 build has been quite fun and appears to be a rather viable character.

Thyggn’s Background Story & Through Line

The Nilhist Servant of The Red King, Azagoroth.

Things to do
  • Provide Background story.
  • Reconfigure for new Magic Items
  • List All magic items slots, is Thyggn filled with both Magical & Mundane items there?
  • Tactics, Common Action Routines.
Weapon Reach Complexity Attack Routine
Spiked Chain 5-40ft 2-handed Exotic Flurry & 2-H Power Attack
Whip/Sonic Lash 5-30ft 1-handed 1-H Power Attack
Unarmed Strike 20ft Light Natural Power Attack, & Snap Kick
Bite 20ft Light Natural Power Attack & Secondary Weapon
Composite [+2] Elvencraft Longbow (Quarterstaff) 20ft 2-handed Double Flurry & 2-H Power Attack
Composite [+2] Elvencraft Longbow (Longbow) 110ft (x10) Ranged Ranged Weaponry

Thyggn the Nihilist

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