Shalev Nogah

Maven Shalev

Merits [27 pts]
Immortal (7pt) [WoD:S]
Night Sight (3pt) [WoD:S]
Iron Will (4pt) [WoD:S]
Innate Magic Ability (Chill Touch): 3 dice of damage (5pt) [VPG]
Path Natural (Ephemera) (5pt) [WoD:S]
Armor Advantage: (3 soak dice) (3pts) [BB]

Flaws [21 pts]
Alien Appearance (Dry Dead Human) (3 point Flaw) [BB]
Vulnerability (True Faith) (3pt) [BB]
Vulnerability (Phylactery) (4pt) [BB]
Offensive to Animals (1pt) [WoD:S]
Compulsion (Research of Sorcery & Rituals) (1pt) [VPG]
Anachronism (2pt) [WoD:M2]
Techophobic (4pt) [WoD:M2]
Rotting (3pt) [WoD:M2]

Traits: 1-7
Memory [WoD:M2]
Joy [WoD:M2]
Integrity [WoD:M2]

Add Humanity (determined by Memory and Integrity) and also use Integrity and Joy to determine Willpower

Shalev Nogah

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