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FateWeaver is a fantasy, role-playing game, originally based on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5
In essence it is a collection of House Rules, designed to mend or expand on certain aspects of the game that were either found lacking, or in need of expansion.

FateWeaver is based on a carefully calibrated system of construction. Each of it’s variable elements (e.g. Races, Classes, and Equipment), are constructed from a, perhaps overly, complex point-buy system. Players and GMs need not memorize this system of point buy, but it allows for more complex customization. For example, if a player would like his character to wield a unique weapon, the calibrated system of Weapon Points would provide a useful guide for such a creation.

In theory, anything from any D20 system could be ported into FateWeaver with any amount of tweaking, based on the GM’s discretion. The importance is possibility, options, are versatility.

The Default world of of FateWeaver is a land called Azuria, a strange world of powerful magic, curious deities, and high adventure. Most folk, and usually of the uneducated sort, believe the realm of Azuria to be in the pocket bag of an unspeaking over-deity, that is so absent mindedly working on other projects that it has no idea that Azuria even exists.

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