Dreadrainbow Darksnake

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Goal: Gain spontaneous spellcasting access to the entire Cleric Spell List.

Premise: Text trumps table (RAW), interpretation of Rainbow Servant.


Level Class ARC Skills Feats Special
1st Dread Necromancer 1 Tomb Tainted Soul
2nd Dread Necromancer 2
3rd Dread Necromancer 3
4th Dread Necromancer 4
5th Dread Necromancer 5
6th Dread Necromancer 6
7th Rainbow Servant 7
8th Rainbow Servant 8
9th Rainbow Servant 9
10th Rainbow Servant 10
11th Rainbow Servant 11
12th Rainbow Servant 12
13th Rainbow Servant 13
14th Rainbow Servant 14
15th Rainbow Servant 15
16th Rainbow Servant 16
17th Dread Necromancer 17
18th Dread Necromancer 18 Dread Necro L.8 provides nice bonus.
19th Dip
20th Dip

Simple Build, no real need to worry about tricks & exploits. However, early entry can be achieved a few ways….

*Early Entry *
Early entries may not be allowed, but here are some that may work depending on DM fiat.

  • 2nd Level Entry: Human 2 flaws & 4 Feats (Earth Sense, Heighten Spell, Sanctum Spell, and Earth Spell), Rainbow Servant can be entered at 2nd level.
  • 2nd Level Entry: 2 flaws & 4 Feats (Heighten Spell, Sanctum Spell, Versatile Spell Caster), Rainbow Servant can be entered at 2nd level.
  • 2nd Level Entry: Necropolitan/Undead & Eldritch Corruption to cast 3rd level spells.
  • 3rd Level Entry: Illumian with the Naenhoon Word, Heighten spell, and Turning/Rebuking.
  • 5th Level Entry: Heighten Spell and Versatile Spellcaster.

This build leaves roughly 2 levels worthy of dipping, but may leave more if early entry is allowed. Below I’ve listed my preference of dips in order to be taken if available.

  • Prestige Paladin: +1 Spellcaster & All Paladin Spell Access
  • Contemplative: +1 Spellcaster & Free Domain
  • Sanctified One (Kord)[2 levels]: +1/2 Spellcaster & Holy Fire (Unresisted Fire)
  • Wyrm Wizard [2 levels]: +1/2 Spellcaster & Snag Celerity, make sure to take feats “Mark of the Dauntless,” “Dragonmarked,” and for giggles “Born of Three Thunders.”

Open Feats

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Possible Background Stories
A dark rainbow parted the sky the day this character was born, to carry out the underhanded needs of the those that defend Justice, Liberty, and Happiness. The Dark Rainbow takes their job very seriously and recognizes their need to remain mysterious, the dark side of the benevolent moon. The Dark Rainbow comes to end the storm that blocks out the sun and stars.

Dreadrainbow Darksnake

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