Assiduous Philosopher

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Goal: Gain access to nearly every arcane spell, divine spell, and psionic power in the game. Note: this is different than the Omnimancer, which simply wishes to have L.9 Arcane Spellcasting, L.9 Divine Spellcasting, and L.9 Power Manifesting. (The Assiduous Philosopher also has slightly worse action economy).

Illumian (Krau Sigil)

Level Class PSY/Arc DIV Skills Feats Special
1st Archivist 0 1 Knowledge (Psionics) 4, Knowledge (Religion) 4, Knolwedge (History) 4, (3/7) Knowledge Devotion, Flaw (???), Practiced Manifester (Ardent)
2nd Erudite 0 1 Knowledge (Psionics) 5, Knowledge (Religion) 5, Knowledge (History) 5 (3/5) Spells to Powers ACF, Discipline Focus (Spellcasting) ACF
3rd Erudite 2 1 Knowledge (Psionics) 6, Knowledge (Religion) 6, (2/7) Improved Sigil (Krau) Sigil (???)
4th Erudite 3 1
5th Psychic Theurge 4 2 Get hands on any Legacy Item ever
6th Psychic Theurge 5 3 Least Legacy
7th Psychic Theurge 6 4
8th Psychic Theurge 7 5
9th Psychic Theurge 8 6 Versatile Spellcaster
10th Psychic Theurge 9 7
11th Psychic Theurge 10 8
12th Psychic Theurge 11 9
13th Psychic Theurge 12 10
14th Psychic Theurge 13 11
15th Legacy Champion 13 11 Note: Dead Level for Theurgy
16th Legacy Champion 14 12
17th Legacy Champion 15 13
18th Legacy Champion 16 14
19th Legacy Champion 17 15
20th Legacy Champion 18 16

This build provides access to all Arcane Spells via Spells to Powers/Foucsed Discipline Eurdite, access to almost all Psionic Powers (Save for L.9 Discipline specific Powers), and all 8th level Divine Spells. Technically L.9 Divine Spells could be cast with the use of “Versatile Spellcaster.”


  • L.9 Divine Spells via Archevist are not possible, Psychic Theurge times out after 10 levels, and Legacy Champion has a dead level at 1st and 7th levels, requiring 8 levels to progress to a total of CL 16, 18 levels total, which requires a 2 level entry into Psychic Theurge which is impossible both on Psionic Power Level requirement, and skill requirement.

Open Feats

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Spells/Powers to Learn
See Omnimancer, but keep eyes open for unique Divine Spell-lists (Paladin, Ranger, etc).

Possible Background Stories
The studious Illumian who was a librarian’s assistant who is certain that knowledge of all the magic in the world will unlock some greater truth, some Magnum Opus, some Impossible Grail.

Assiduous Philosopher

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