Wood of Andrea

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Formally a beautiful woodland area protected by the taurelda, or wood elves, has been reduced to a terrible battleground known as the Blood Moor. Most all of the trees of the former forest have fallen to corruption, fire, or foul destruction at the forces of the Axis of Evil.

All that remains of the taurelda is a is a makeshift encampment located near to the Black-Marsh river, where small rafts come and go bringing occasional supplies and even less frequent travelers to the once great Wood of Andrea.

This camp was set up by the survivors of the battle at the heart of the Wood of Andrea, an ancient Cathedral re-purposed by the taurelda to worship the woods itself. The Andrean Cathedral was attacked by the forces of the Axis in an effort by Asmodeus to create a stronghold in Azuria against the forces of the Celestia and Elysium.

Most of the taurelda died or were corrupted by the evil and started roaming the countryside along with other tainted creatures and demons. Such taurelda include an elf-friend known as Bloodraven, and a powerful duskblade taurelda leader named Coldcrow.

Within the Blood Moor are several vacated houses and stables, farmer who once peacefully lived either on the fringes or just outside of the taurelda territory of the Wood of Andrea.

Wood of Andrea

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