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Shields cover a wide variety of personal armor that are held in a character’s arm, and are generally also
strapped to their forearm as well. Even though it may be strapped to a character’s forearm, shields are
usually too heavy for a character to use their shield hand for anything else.
Equipping and removing a shield requires a [Move Action].

Shield Cost Shield Bonus ACP Special
Buckler 10 GP +1 -1 Buckle
Light Shield 10 GP +1 - -
Heavy Shield 10 GP +1 -1 Cavalier
Kite Shield 10 GP +1 -1 Ceremonial
Spiked Shield 10 GP +1 -1 Martial Weapon
Tower Shield 10 GP +1 -1 Cover

Shield Properties
All of the following are the special properties of the weapons above.

A shield with this property allows their wielder to use their shield arm to manipulate objects or wield a weapon, however while doing so the character doesn’t benefit from the shield bonus to AC until the beginning of their next turn. (The Armor Check Penalty still applies however.)

Shields with this property provide their shield bonus to any mount that a character may be riding in addition to the character that utilizes the shield.

A ceremonial shield is one that is designed to clearly display an emblem of some sort despite any brutality the shield might suffer. Such a shield provides a +4 [Item Bonus] to Diplomacy checks involving characters that respect the emblem’s representation, but infers a -4 penalty for Diplomacy those who are particularly against the representation it denotes, and an identical penalty applies if a character learns that the owner of this shield is not in fact of the representation the emblem denotes.
In addition, such a shield may function as a Holy Symbol for a Cleric or the like.

A shield with this property can provide its user with [Cover]. The user must decide whether or not to utilize the shields cover on their turn as a non-action. If they choose to do so, the user suffers a -2 penalty to all attacks, but gains a 20% miss chance on all non-touch attacks that target the user. If the user takes a Full Defensive action with a shield with this property, they gain [Full Cover] against all non touch attacks. (This does not break line of sight, however).

Martial Weapon
This shield also has a specific martial weapon listing, and can be used as a weapon without losing its shield bonus to armor class.


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