Random Notes

On the divine and the worship/service there of:

  • Layperson Worship [Anyone can do, no feat/class/ability tax; Skill Trick, Knowledge (Religion)?]
  • Cleric [Class Tax: Base Class] Gods
  • Paladin [Class Tax: Base Class] Gods
  • Binder [Class Tax: Base Class] Vestiges & Cthonians
  • Feat/Skill Trick: Ancient Ways (Allows Cleric/Paladin/Layperson to Worship Vestiges or Cthonians]
  • Binder [Class Tax: Base Class] Works off Knowledge (Forbidden Skill)
  • Favored Of Divine [Prestige Class Tax, 3 Levels] Gods

~ Layperson Worship (Patron Divine) [Trait, as in can be taken at any time]
Preq: Have a Patron Divine, Offer service to them with regularity, Sacrifice/Spend 1 silver per week in service to Said deity.
Benefit: As a full-round action, a character may attempt to pray for a Miracle from their Patron divine. This action requires the character to be holding or marked with a symbol of their divine. After their prayer there is a chance their divine responds to the situation with a miracle, a 1% chance for every HD the character has. Various modifications can increase or decrease this chance from -2 to 2, such as the situation interests the divine, the situation is extremely dire, the character is a devote follower, the character is a poor follower, and so on.
The miracle occurs 1d4
1 rounds after the prayer, and will generally be something that is indistinguishable from chance or fortune, but clearly within the divine
s portfolio. The miracle is decided by the DM, and should not replicate any effects higher than a 3rd level form with a Manipulator Level of 10.

Possible Miracles

  • Cure Moderate Wounds on Character
  • Hazard: An enemy fails a crucial check
  • Lightning Strikes, as per Call Lightning.
  • Magic Circle vs. Opposition on character.
  • Summon Monster/Nature’s Ally III
  • Magic Weapon on Character’s weapons
  • Bestow Curse on Enemy
  • True Strike on Character

~ Prestige Class: Favored of Divine/Vestige
~ Base Class: Cleric (Worship-leader), Paladin (Warrior-Champion),

Turning Undead/Elementals/Fey/Etc.

Positive Channeling Clerics may attempt to Ward or Destroy Undead.
Negative Channeling Clerics may attempt to Control or Bolster Undead.
All saves are 10+1/2 Cleric Level +Wisdom Bonus.

Action Description
Ward Ld6 Damage Undead (as per heal), Repulsion & Sanctuary effect (Free-Sustainable)
Destroy Ld12 Damage Undead (as per heal), Stun effect
Control Ld6 Healed Undead (as per harm), Control effect
Bolster Ld12 Healed Undead (as per harm), Buffed vs Turn and combat effect (Free-Sustainable)

Random Notes

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