Race Model

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This is the basic model that races in FateWeaver use.

Race Name
Type [Subtype]

  • +2 Ability Bonus
  • Active Greater Trait
  • Passive Greater Trait
  • Lesser Trait
  • Lesser Trait
  • Lesser Trait
  • Fluff Trait
  • Language Fluff
  • Favored Class Fluff

Normally this is “Kinfolk,” the stand-in type for what was once “Humanoid.” Other types may be appropriate.

Normally this groups this race in with other similar races, like Elves, Gnomes, or Dyrkin. This may also be used to indicate some of the race’s passive abilities, or where they hail from.

+2 Ability Bonus
All races gain a +2 bonus to any single [Ability Score].
Some races may gain an additional +2 bonus to a contrasting [Ability Score], that is a Race cannot have two +2 bonuses to two [Physical Ability Scores] (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution), or two [Mental Ability Scores] (Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma).
However if a race has two +2 Ability Bonuses, they must suffer a -2 ability bonus penalty.

Greater Trait
Greater traits are traits that sort of define a race and set it apart from other races both conceptually and mechanically. Active Grater Traits are things that player can initiate or use on their own agency. Passive Traits are always effective, or activated in highly situation circumstances.

Examples of Grater Traits include:

  • Human Bonus Feat (unset, can be any feat qualified for).
  • 2 set Simple Feats Despite Qualifications (specific feats for whole race).
  • Human Bonus to Skill Points.
  • Changeling Alter-Self at Will
  • Immunity to Charm Effects
  • 1st Level Spell or Similar at will OR 1/day per Ability Bonus (min. 1)
  • Bonus to Initivative equal to HD
  • Bonus to Natural Armor Class equal to 1/2 Constitution Bonus (min. 1)
  • Natural Weapon of Superior Quality (See Equipment).

Lesser Trait
Lesser traits tend to help round out races, or grant a few detailed bonuses to a race that help them fit into their niche in societies, and often are beneficial to the player in some way.

Examples of Lesser Traits include:

  • The Race may select which ability gets their [+2 Ability Bonus] to. (See Above)
  • Darkvision out to 24 paces (Twice normal darkvision).
  • Proficiency with a set of weapons.
  • A standard natural weapon.
  • A Prestige class as the race’s [Favored Class], see below.
  • Speak Language always an in-class skill.
  • Broad +2 Bonus to Non-skill thingies, such as to saves vs specific spell effects.
  • Mild Sustenance, mostly not needing to eat or eventually breath.
  • A bonus to Power Points equal to HD.
  • +1 Manashaper Level to special narrow type of forms (Fire, Divination, Healing, etc.)
  • Any Class as [Favored Class], see below.

Fluff Trait
A fluff trait tends to be a mildly enhanced sense or knack with certain skills.

Examples of Fluff Traits

  • +2 Bonus to 2 Specific Skills
  • Scent
  • Low-light Vision

Language Fluff
All races have a set of languages they can pick at character creation, usually automatically speaking Common, and occasionally automatically speaking a race-specific language. The rest of the languages a race may know should tie in conceptually with the sort of creatures the race would consort with, or perhaps war with.

Favored Class Fluff
Each race has a preferred role that they excel at filling. Whenever a character gains a level in their favored class, they gain either + 1 hit point or + 1 skill rank. The choice of gaining a hit point or a skill rank each time a character gains a level (including their first level) cannot be changed once it is made.

Race Model

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