Light Armor

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Light Armor
Light Armor is, as its name implies, lightweight defensive covering worn to protect the body against weapons. Light Armor covers things such as lightweight shirts of chain, and boiled leather, or treated hide. Generally speaking this armor is easy to move in and largely uninhibited to characters wearing it.
Characters may sleep in Light armor without suffering from fatigue as they would from sleeping in heavy
armor. Further there is no spell failure chance for Light Armor.
Equipping and removing Light Armor requires one minute’s worth of work.

Armor Cost Armor Bonus Damage Reduction ACP Special
Scrap - +1 1 -2 Dirt Cheap
Cord - +1 1 -1 Swimwear
Quilted 10 GP +1 1 -1 Cold Resistant
Hide 10 GP +1 1 -1 Jerkin
Leather 10 GP +1 1 -1 Weapon Bane (Bludgeoning)
Studded leather 10 GP +1 1 -1 Weapon Bane (Slashing)
Ring mail 10 GP +1 1 -1 Weapon Bane (Piercing)
Scale mail 10 GP +1 1 -1 Fortified
Chain mail 10 GP +1 2 -1 -

Armor Properties
All of the following are the special properties of the armor above.

Cold Resistant
Armor with this property provides a +2 [Item Bonus] on saving throws against [Cold] effects as well as saving throws in regard to cold weather.

Dirt Cheap
This special property reduces the price of the armor to a negligible amount, effectively making the armor easy enough to find or to create from readily available materials that may be gained at no price. Such a armor does not break Vow of Nonwealth, and has a Craft DC 5 points lower than normal. Increasing the quality of this armor still increases its price (and such a armor would break a Vow of Nonwealth), however it still benefits from the reduced craft DC.

Armor with the fortified property provides a special bonus against precision attacks. When opponents threaten a critical hit against a target wearing Fortified Armor, they suffer a -1 penalty to their Critical Confirmation roll. Further, the character’s [Armor Class] is increased by 2 for attacks that deal [precision] damage (such as Sneak Attack and the like).

Armor with this property can be equipped or removed as a [Move Action].

Weapon Bane (Variable)
Armor with this property provides extra protection from specific types of attacks. This armor provides 2 additional points of [Damage Reduction] against that specific kind of damage.

Light Armor

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