Jamie the Urblime Gish

Goal: Turning the Fochluchan Lyrist into a Bamph Gish

Approach #1: Double 9s, 16 Bab, and All Bardic Music {try and hit +30 to perfom asap}
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Evil
BAB Spells Special
L.1 Duskblade 1 Iron Will, Spell Focus (Evil) +1 L.1/-/- Armored Mage (Light)
L.2 Duskblade 2 +2 L.1/-/-
L.3 Duskblade 3 Power Attack +3 L.1/-/- Channeling (Standard Action)
L.4 Rogue 1 +3 L.1/-/- Sneak Attack +1d6
L.5 Rogue 2 +4 L.1/-/- Evasion
L.6 Ur Priest 1 Cleave +4 L.1/L.1/-
L.7 Ur Priest 2 +5 L.1/L.2/- Rebuke Undead
L.8 Duskblade 4 +6 L.2/L.2/- Armored mage (Medium)
L.9 Duskblade 5 Southern Magician +7 L.2/L.2/- Quick Cast 1/Day
L.10 Ur Priest 3 +8 L.2/L.3/-
L.11 Warrior Skald 1 [Alt: Spellsinger +1 Dbd Spells, -1 BAB] +9 L.2/L.3/- All Bardic Music by Perfom 1/day
L.12 Sublime Chord 1 {Feat?} (Divine Feat) +9 L.2/L.3/L.5 Arguably Qualifies for all SC music, BM 2/Day
L.13 Sublime Chord 2 +10 L.2/L.3/L.5 S. Arcane Power (Move Action +CL), BM 3/Day
L.14 Fochluchan Lyricist +11 L.2/L.4/L.6 BM 4/Day
L.15 Fochluchan Lyricist {Feat?} +12 L.2/L.5/L.6 BM 5/Day (etc)
L.16 Fochluchan Lyricist +13 L.2/L.6/L.7
L.17 Fochluchan Lyricist +14 L.2/L.7/L.7
L.18 Fochluchan Lyricist {Feat?} +15 L.2/L.8/L.8
L.19 Fochluchan Lyricist +16 L.2/L.9/L.8
L.20 Fochluchan Lyricist +17 L.2/L.9/L.9

Sublime Chord 2 Bardic Knowledge
Fochluchan Lyricist 8

End Set up

Alternate Route (LA Buyoff)

Jamie the Urblime Gish

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