Character Creation

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Steps Brief Description
Step 0 Conceive a Concept
Step 1 Generate Ability Scores
Step 2 Choose Class And Race
Step 3 Equipment

Step 0: Conceive a Concept
Come up with a concept you would like create or play. It wouldn’t hurt to run this by your GM.
Flesh out the concept with some character background. Some question tools below may be of assistance.

  • How does your character solve complex problems?
    • A well-meaning giant is thrashing a nearby town due to dire fever it has been subjected to from the town’s wastes polluting the giant’s drinking water.
    • The mayor of a large city devoted to the gods has asked you to quietly remove a young political upstart leader in a quiet manner.
    • You’ve been locked in the brig of an unknown ship, and are likely to be tried crimes you have not committed.
  • What does your character want out of life?
    • Why can’t they just have that?
    • How does adventuring serve that goal?
    • What tactics do they think are appropriate to get that?
    • What tactics are completely inappropriate to get that?
  • Where did your character come from?
  • Do they have any quirks?

Step 1: Generate Ability Scores
Usually, in a FateWeaver game, Ability Scores will be determined by a 36 point buy-in mechanic, that is determined before racial modifiers. Other methods may be used according to the GM.

A character has a total of 36 points to spend on all of their [Ability Scores], (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma). The character then buys the rank in their [Ability Scores] at the point cost indicated below on Table: Point Buy-In. The character cannot spend anymore than 36 points in this way, but they may spend less if they are so inclined. (There is no inherit benefit for doing so.) Negative point costs increase the total number of points a character has to spend on other [Ability Scores].

Table 1-1: Point Buy-In.

Ability Score Point Cost
3 -2
6 -1
8 0
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4
13 5
14 6
15 8
16 10
17 13
18 16
19 20
20 24

Step 2: Choose Class And Race
Race and Class are chosen at the same time, as that some races fit better into certain classes, other races & classes than what are presented here can be requested, and will likely be approved (with some tweaking).

FateWeaver Races follow this rough model.
Note that FateWeaver has no Level-Adjustment system.
Rather templates and powerful races function as a Prestige Class of sorts.

Characters generally begin play with enough experience to be half way to their next level.

Step 3: Choose Skills And Feats
Skills and Feats are selected at the same time, since many feats are skill dependent.
A character gains [Skill Points] each level based on their character class.
A character gains a [Feat] at first level, and an additional [Feat] at every odd [Character Level].
Characters may have up to two flaws, allowing for two additional feats at character creation.

Step 4: Equipment
Starting equipment will often be determined by the GM, and will often be based on the starting level of the game. In a L.1 Campaign, players will typically begin with the following:

  • Weapons (Choose One)
    • Two Simple Weapons
    • One Simple Weapon and a Buckler
    • One Martial Weapon
    • (Special) One Exotic Weapon (if they are proficient with it)
  • Armor (Choose One)
    • Lowly Suit of Light Armor
    • Lowly Suit of Heavy Armor
  • Belt
    • Simple Sash.
  • Minor Consumables (Choose One)
    • Two Lowly Health Potions
    • Two Lowly Mana Potions
    • One Lowly Health Potion and One Lowly Mana Potion
  • A Special Inventory

[Shield, +1 AC, Buckler Property]
This small shield is worn strapped to a character’s forearm. The character can use ther shield arm to manipulate objects or wield a weapon (whether they are using an off-hand weapon or using their off hand to help wield a two-handed weapon), however while wielding the weapon the character doesn’t benefit from the Shield bonus to AC until the beginning of their next turn.

[Light Armor, 1 AC, DR/Adamantine 1, ACP 1, Ceremonial (Rogue) Property]
This sturdy cloak provides decent protection from blows and strong weather. Many underhanded individuals respect a person who knows how to shroud their identity.

Breast Plate
[Heavy Armor, 3 AC, DR/Adamantine 2, ACP 1, ASF 30%, Tumbler’s Agile Property]
A breastplate covers the front and back of its wearer. A light suit or skirt of studded leather beneath the breastplate protects the limbs without restricting movement much. This breastplate is specially crafted in a manner that allows extra maneuverability for some physical activities.

This item provides one line of 4 readied consumables.

Minor Mana Potion
Consumed as a [Standard Action], this potion restores 1 form-level worth of mana-shaping. (E.g. One L.1 Maneuver, two L.0 Spells, or 1 psionic power-point.)

Minor Health Potion
Consumed as a [Move Action], this potion restores 1d8+3 hp to its user.

Character Creation

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