Character Builds

Asayo Demoncaller Screaming Horror Teahouse-girl, CW Samurai-Horror Build
Assiduous Philosopher Access to almost all Spells & Psionic Powers in the game.
Baladon Jack Jack of Every Trade, Master of Many.
Benvolio Sterkur The worlds tiniest giant.
Bloodhawk Psychic Sniper that shifts form into a hawk and shoots mind-arrows.
Breitling Grey Illithad Savant
Character-build Omnimancer Full Divine, Arcane, & Psionic casting.
Captain Hyacinth Violent Dread Captain of the Skurvy Dog.
Cowell Pynfiyr The moving castle. High Op, moving fortress build.
Dirk the Lightning Dagger Blade Dancing, Iaijutsu Focused, Multi-weapon Fighting Lightning Fighter.
Dreadrainbow Darksnake Free) Access to all Cleric Spells.
Dynda Goodheart Confused “Paladin” in an evil campaign. (Blackblood Cultist).
Exeter the Muse of Fire Gatling-gun throwing-style halfling with Dragonfire inspiration.
Fang Totemist who focuses on getting as many Natural Attacks as possible
General Nisakisan Small-sized psionic summoner of astral-construct mobile suits.
Garnet and Ruby Dvati Rogues that maximize flanking.
Ilargia Morroi Magical Girl Super-Psion that can spontaneously manifest almost any spell/power.
Izaskun Arlo The Floramancer. Symbiotic Yellow Musk Creeper for Plant-Zombies.
Jamie the Urblime Gish Bard without the Bard part. Super spell-casty gish.
Duke Kasennin Thri-Kreen Soulbow, Duke of the Winds (Dragon Ball inspired character
Leftenant Agony As many arms & weapons as possible. 4 spiked chains & flurry or kinestisist classes…
Mister Sprinkles Mr. Krantz Sprinkles, Sorcerer based “Mailman” build.
Presoa Deculp Tainted punished guilt blind chain master (Kyton Savage Species)
Rem Hatmehyt Crit Fisher with a “mud-sorcerer” bent.
Sarah Putbow Siege-weapon focused character.
Three Figs Finnegan Gnomish Illusionist with 110% real illusions.
Zaqulin the Swordmaster Truenamer with a -2 Adamatine Longsword Item Familiar.

Lucricia Santacruz Factotum 20//StP (Spellcasting Discipline) Erudite [Can do & steal everything!]

Challenge Builds
Affable David Pruf [Players Handbook Only Build] Highly optimized wizard.
Even Dentz Pruf [Level 20 Fighter] Highly optimized fighter.
Tess Tyment Pruf [Players Handbook Only Level 20 Fighter] Highly optimized fighter.
Warren Twiforr Pruf [Players Handbook Only Level 20 Commoner] Highly optimized commoner.
Jnvgf Pbura “EE-nif Bur-ah” DemiLich by ECL & WBL 13.
Thyggn the Nihilist 1-level Dip all 20 levels; combat-Rogue play style.

Homebrew Friendly
Ramsly Lhey Homebrew: Soulstitched Monstrumologist
Rain the Silent Homebrew: Ranged Ijatsu. Desperado style quick-draw ranged fighter.
MARTIM Requires homebrew for key-cards. Hard programmed Worker/Soldier Construct.

Used Character Builds
Wusheng the Contemplative Monk-style with Vow of silence.
Korin Laughlung Fiend of Possession “Artificer”

Other Systems
Professor Francis Shelley Shadowrun: Technomancer
Stars Shadowrun: Physical Adept: Throwing (Sibling of Garters: A social adept)
Professor Arbuz Weird West: Engineer of Madness type, Pump-action Longsword & Antimagnetic Armor
Little Pete Exalted: Abyssal that went around the bend
The Many in the One VtM Malk with MPD.
Shalev Nogah oWold: Lich Sorcerer

Character Builds

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