Captain Hyacinth

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Captain Hyacinth the Gonnagle
Aka Hyacinth the Deathscare
Aka Hyacinth the Excessively Bloody

Goal: Violent Leadership & Blanket Buff Captain that can back up her insults

Premise: Leadership allowed to full extent, Sanctified one of “Tansy” to allow for Dragonfire Inspiration.



Featsong Bard 6
Harmonious Paladin of Slaughter 2
Sanctified One of Tansy 1
Dread Witch 4
Marshal 2
Legendary Leader 5

Level Class Skills Feats Special Spell Casting Leadership Rating
1st Featsong Bard 1 Bluff 4, Intimidate 4, Knowledge (Arcana) 3, Knowledge (Religion) 4, Perform (Drums) 4, Perform (Flags) 1, Perform (Oratory) 4, Profession (Sailor) 4 (7/7) Trait (Unnatural Aura), Flaw (Feeble), Flaw (Vulnerable), Dragontouched, Draconic Heritage [Pyroclastic], Dragonfire Inspiration [Pyroclastic], Dreadful Wrath, Martial Study (Devoted Spirit) [Vanguard Strike], Draconic Aura [Presence] Bardic Music 1/day, Bardic Knowledge, Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1 L.1 Bard -
2nd Featsong Bard 2 Bluff 5, Intimidate 5, Knowledge (Religion) 5, Perform (Drums) 5, Perform (Flags) 2, Perform (Oratory) 5, Profession (Sailor) 5 (7/7) Bardic Music 2/day L.2 Bard -
3rd Featsong Bard 3 Intimidate 6, Knowledge (Religion) 6, Perform (Drums) 6, Perform (Flags) 4, Perform (Oratory) 6, Profession (Sailor) 6 (7/7) Song of Heart Bardic Music 3/day, Inspire Competence +2 L.3 Bard -
4th Featsong Bard 4 Intimidate 7, Perform (Drums) 7, Perform (Flags) 7, Perform (Oratory) 7, Profession (Sailor) 7 (7/7) Bardic Music 4/day L.4 Bard -
5th Featsong Bard 5 Intimidate 8, Perform (Drums) 8, Perform (Flags) 8, Perform (Oratory) 8, Profession (Sailor) 8, Sense Motive 2 (7/7) Bardic Music 5/day L.5 Bard -
6th Featsong Bard 6 Intimidate 9, Perform (Drums) 9, Perform (Flags) 9, Perform (Oratory) 9, Profession (Sailor) 9, Sense Motive 4 (7/7) Leadership, Imperious Command Bardic Music 6/day, Suggestion L.6 Bard 7+Cha Mod
7th Harmonious Paladin of Slaughter 1 Intimidate 10, Perform (Oratory) 10, Profession (Sailor) 10 (3/3) Aura of Evil, Bardic Music 7/day, Smite Good (Lawful?) 1/day, Inspire Courage +2 L.6 Bard 8+Cha Mod
8th Harmonious Paladin of Slaughter 2 Intimidate 11, Perform (Oratory) 11, Profession (Sailor) 10 (3/3) Bardic Music 8/day, Divine grace, Deadly touch L.6 Bard 9+Cha Mod
9th Sanctified One of Tansy 1 Intimidate 12, Perform (Oratory) 12, Profession (Sailor) 12 (3/3) Landlord UnHoly Fire1 L.6 Bard 13+Cha Mod
10th Dread Witch 1 Intimidate 13, Perform (Oratory) 13 cc (3/3) Unnatural Will Master of Terror+2 L.6 Bard 14+Cha Mod
11th Dread Witch 2 Intimidate 14, Perform (Oratory) 14 cc (3/3) Absorb fear, Master of Terror+4 L.7 Bard 15+Cha Mod
12th Dread Witch 3 Intimidate 15, Perform (Oratory) 15 cc (3/3) Double Draconic Aura [Perception] Fearful Empowerment 1/day, Master of Terror+6 L.8 Bard 16+Cha Mod
13th Dread Witch 4 Intimidate 16, Perform (Oratory) 16 cc (3/3) Delay Fear, Greater Master of Terror +8 L.9 Bard 17+Cha Mod
14th Marshal 1 Intimidate 17, Perform (Oratory) 17, Profession (Sailor) 15 (5/5) Skill Focus (Diplomacy) (Intimidate?) Minor Aura: Master of Tactics L.9 Bard 18+Cha Mod
15th Marshal 2 Intimidate 18, Perform (Oratory) 18, Profession (Sailor) 18 (5/5) Smite to Song Major Aura: Resilient Troops L.9 Bard 19+Cha Mod
16th Legendary Leader 1 Intimidate 19, Perform (Oratory) 19, Profession (Sailor) 19, Sense Motive 6 (5/5) Fearless, Hero’s Luck +1,
Natural Commander (Opportunistic Commander), Legendary Reputation (Fearsome Reputation)
L.9 Bard 20+Cha Mod
17th Legendary Leader 2 Intimidate 20, Perform (Oratory) 20, Profession (Sailor) 20, Sense Motive 8 (5/5) Greater Command 1/day, Natural Commander (Pursuing Commander), Quick Rally L.9 Bard 21+Cha Mod
18th Legendary Leader 3 Intimidate 21, Perform (Oratory) 21, Profession (Sailor) 21, Sense Motive 10 (5/5) Improved Cohort, Haunting Melody Hero’s Luck +2, L.9 Bard 22+Cha Mod
19th Legendary Leader 4 Intimidate 22, Perform (Oratory) 22 , Profession (Sailor) 22, Sense Motive 12 (5/5) Greater Command 2/day, Heroic Success L.9 Bard 23+Cha Mod
20th Legendary Leader 5 Intimidate 23, Perform (Oratory) 23, Profession (Sailor) 23, Sense Motive 14 (5/5) Additional Commander Aura, Hero’s Luck +3, Natural Commander (Doublestrike Commander, Sneaky Commander), To Hell and Back L.9 Bard 25+Cha Mod

Feats & Skills

  • Intimidate [Max]
  • Perform (Drums) [9 Ranks]
  • Perform (Flags) [9 Ranks]
  • Perform (Oratory) [Max]
  • Profession (Sailor) [Spare Skills: 1]
  • Sense Motive [Spare Skills: 2]
  • Survival [Spare Skills: 4]
  • Use Magic Device [Spare Skills: 3]
  • Knowledge (Arcana) [3 Ranks]
  • Knowledge (Religion) [6 Ranks]
Lvl Feat Breif Description
Trait Unnatural Aura -2 Handle Animal & Vermin, +2 Intimidate and +2 DC to [Fear] effects
Human Dragontouched [Dragonblood] Subtype, +1 HP, +1 Listen, Search, and Spot checks, and a +3 vs [Sleep] [Paralysis], Draconic feats as if a sorcerer of HD
Flaw- Feeble -2 to Str/Dex/Con Ability and Skill checks
Flaw- Vulnerable -1 to AC
Flaw+ Draconic Heritage [Pyroclastic] +3 vs [Sleep], [Paralysis], [Fire], & [Sonic]
Flaw+ Dragonfire Inspiration [Pyroclastic] Inspire Courage to +Xd6 [Fire] or [Sonic] on damage
L.1 Dreadful Wrath Frightful presence 20ft, 10 +1/2 HD +Cha, [Shaken] 1 minute
Counter Song> Martial Study (Devoted Spirit) Vanguard Strike, Melee attack if successful, all allies gain +4 to attacks against this target 1 round
Fascinate > Draconic Aura [Presence] Scaling bonus to Intimidate
L.3 Song of Heart +1 Inspire Courage (and all other Bardic Music)
L.6 Leadership Gain cohort and followers
Suggestion> Imperious Command Intimidation makes folks cower, not shaken
L.9 Landlord Scaling amount of free money for my feckin’ boat!
DW Unnatural Will Add Charisma modifier to all Will saves vs Fear. Can stand in for Iron Will
L.12 Double Draconic Aura [Perception] Scaling bonus to Spot, Listen, and Initiative
L.15 Item Familiar Some Pirate Thing, with bonuses to Intimidate, and Scare abilities
LLBF Improved Cohort +1 Level to Cohort
L.18 Haunting Melody Use Bardic Music to Inspire and Cause Fear!
Dark Chaos Shuffle (Heavy Armor) [4900 gp] Doomspeak Bardic Music effect, Will Save DC (10+ECL+Cha) or -10 to all actions for 1 round
Dark Chaos Shuffle (Medium Armor) [4900 gp] Empower Supernatural Ability Use Doomspeak, It offers a -15 penalty


  • Inspirational Boost (L.1 Bard)
  • Cause Fear (L.1 Bard)
  • Scare (L.2 Bard)
  • Doom (L.1 Dread Witch Bard)
  • R.1 Opportunistic Commander [+1d6 Damage on Attacks of Opportunity]
  • R.2 Pursuing Commander [+1d6 Damage on Scared Opponents]
  • R.5 Sneaky Commander [+1d6 Damage on Flanking Attacks]
  • R.5 Doublestrike Commander [R.5 – Everyone can make a second attack after making a first successful attack]

Auras and Effects

  • Bardic Music [Su]: Dragonfire (Pyroclastic) Inspiration (+6d6 [Fire] or [Sonic] damage [Range of – can hear Standard Action to Initiate, lasts 5-15 rounds after. (Note) Sanctified of Tansy (Half fire damage is [Profane])
  • Marshal Aura [Ex]: Master of Tactics (+Cha to Flanking Damage) [Range of 60 ft can hear Always on
  • Marshal Aura [Ex]: Resiliant Troops (+1 to Saves) [Range of 60 ft can hear Always on
  • Draconic Aura [Na]: Presence(1 (2@7, +3@14, +4@20) Bonus to Intimidate checks) [Range of 30 ft -] Always on
  • Draconic Aura [Na]: Perception (1 (2@7, +3@14, +4@20) Bonus to Perception & Initiative) [Range of 30 ft -] Always on
  • Commander Aura [Na]: Sneaky Commander (+1d6 Damage on Flanking Attacks) [Range of 30 ft -] Always on
  • Commander Aura [Na]: Doublestrike Commander (Extra attack on hit)] [Range of 30 ft -] Always on
  • Fear Aura [Na]: Will (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha) Shaken 1 minute. [Range of 20 ft -] When charge, make a full attack, or cast a spell


Inspire Awesomeness Grant +Xd6 Fire/Sonic damage (Profane Damage) ELC 1 (ECL 9)
Disarm Disarm using a whip ELC 1
Demoralize Move Action (Armor & Imperious Command) [Demoralize] (Cower) ECL 6
Scarespell Have friend attempt Intimidation: Gain Free L.0 spell per day ECL 11

Terror Ladder

Shaken -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.
Frightened Shaken. Flee from the source of their fear as quickly as they can. They can choose the path of their flight.
Panicked Shaken. Drops all items held. Flee from the source of their fear as quickly as they can. Their path is random. Flee from other dangers. Cower if can’t flee.
Cowering Shaken. Drops all items held. No Actions. –2 to AC, Loses its Dexterity bonus (in all applications).

Inspire Courage & Dragonfire Inspiration

Bard L.6 +1d6
Harmonious Paladin L.1 +1d6
Song of Heart Feat +1d6
Inspirational Boost (Spell) +1d6
Vest of legends (Item) +1d6
Badge of Valour (Item) +1d6
Masterwork Drum (Item) +1d6
Smite to Song +1d6
Total +8d6


Head: -
Face: -
Throat: Badge of Valor (1 IC) [1,200 GP]
Throat (Alt): Badge of Valor & Fearsome Might (
1 IC, Double Fear Aura: 2 to DC) [12,300 GP] *Note: More if I can extend Fear range to 60ft!
Waist: Battle-dancer’s Sash (If allowed) [13,000 GP]
Body: Vest of Legends (
1 IC) [16,000 GP]
Armor: 1 Fearsome Leather Armor (5 Intimidate, Demoralize as a Move Action) [9,160 GP]
Weapon®: 1 Harmonizing (1) Subjugating (2) Sickle (Grafted onto hand 1,000 GP – Natural Weapon & Unsurpressable) [32,306 GP]* Note:
Weapon [L]: +1 Greater Dispelling (
2) Whip of Webs (1) [22,301]
Hands: Gauntlets of Heartfelt Blows (
Cha as [Fire] to Damage and Touch Attacks) [12,000 GP]
Feet: Slippers of Battle Dancing (10 Speed, +5 Tumble, +2 init, Use Cha for Atk and Dmg) [33,750 GP]
Glove of Man: Allows for Weapon graft to pretend to be a hand [21,000 GP]
Strapped at Side: Masterwork Drum (
1 IC) [100 GP]
Cohort’s Weapon: Axe of the Sea Reavers (Can attempt to Panic Captain as a [Standard Action] granting more spells) [10,320 GP]
Custom Magic Item: Banner of the Craven Crew [Custom] Extends Draconic Auras and Commander Auras out to 60ft (27,500 GP)
Custom Magic Item: The Bloody Roger [Custom] Allows Auras to be projected accross entire boat and 60ft out. (???)

Craven Crew
Non-Elite Array Human Rogues (13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8)

Deck Hand (L.1 Followers)
Human (Penetrating Strike Mimic) Rogue 1; CR ½; Medium Humanoid (Human); HD 1d6; hp 3; Init 0; Spd 40 ft.; AC 10 (10), touch 10, flat-footed 10; Base Atk +0; Grp +1; Atk +1 melee (1d6/x2, +1d6 [Fire] & [Dazzle] for 1d4 rounds; Club & Torch), Atk -2 ranged (1d4/x2, 30ft.; sling, +1 to atk in 30ft.); SA Sneak Attack +1d61 (Penatrating: Half dice damage vs. Immune) ; SQ Disguise Self (+10 Disguise); AL CE; SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1; Str 13, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 6.
Skills: Disguise +8 (0 ranks, +10 spell, -2 cha), Hide +4 (4 ranks), Intimidate +2 (4 ranks, -2 cha), Listen +3 (4 ranks, -1 wis), Move Silently +4 (4 ranks), Profession (Sailor) +3 (4 ranks, -1 wis), Search -2 (0 ranks, -2 trait), Sense Motive +3 (4 ranks, -1 wis), Spot +3 (4 ranks, -1 wis), Swim +5 (4 ranks, +1 str), Use Rope +4 (4 ranks), Read/Write/Speak (Common)
Feats: Craven, Weapon & Torch, Point Blank Shot
Traits & Flaws: Farsighted & Quick; Pathetic (Charisma)
Equipment (1 cp; 7 lbs.): Torch (1 cp; 1 lb.), Club (0 gp; 1 lb.), Sling (0 gp, 0 lb.), 10 stones for bullets (0 gp, 5 lbs)

Deck hands serve as basic soldiers, and can Volley sling bullets, if there are any gunners about to lead them.

Gunners (L.2 Followers)
Human (Penetrating Strike Mimic) Rogue 2; CR 1; Medium Humanoid (Human); HD 2d6-1; hp 5; Init 1; Spd 40 ft.; AC 11 (10, +1 dex), touch 11, flat-footed 10; Base Atk +1; Grp +1; Atk +1 melee (1d6/x2; Club & Torch), Atk +0 (1d4/x2, 30ft.; sling, +1 to atk in 30ft.); SA Sneak Attack +1d62 (Penatrating: Half dice damage vs. Immune) ; SQ Disguise Self (+10 Disguise); AL CE; SV Fort +0, Ref +4, Will -1; Str 10, Dex 12, Con 11, Int 13, Wis 9, Cha 6.
Skills: Disguise +9 (0 ranks, +10 spell, -1 cha), Hide +5 (5 ranks), Intimidate +4 (5 ranks, -1 cha), Listen +4 (5 ranks, -1 cha), Move Silently +5 (5 ranks), Profession (Sailor) +4 (5 ranks, -1 wis), Profession (Siege Engineer) +4 (5 ranks, -1 wis), Search -2 (0 ranks, -2 trait), Sense Motive +4 (5 ranks, -1 wis), Spot +4 (5 ranks, -1 wis), Swim +5 (5 ranks), Use Rope +6 (5 ranks, +1 int), Read/Write/Speak (Common, and Aqua-Common)
Feats: Far Shot, Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot
Traits & Flaws: Farsighted & Quick; Pathetic (Charisma)
Equipment (1 cp; 7 lbs.): Torch (1 cp; 1 lb.), Club (0 gp; 1 lb.), Sling (0 gp, 0 lb.), 10 stones for bullets (0 gp, 5 lbs)

Gunners will lead Volley sling bullets, and lead operations of Siege Engines. They are not great melee combatants.

Carpenters (L.3 Followers) [Dr. Jack Daniels Build Rogues]

Snipers (L.4 Followers) [Like Gunners, but range and hiding focus]

Officers (L.5 Followers) [Specialized to do specific tasks]

Captains (L.6 Followers) [Leadership Rogues with 1 rank in Legendary leader]

[Use Commoner’s Handbook Here]

Sharkscum [Cohort]
Sharkskum: Summoner Buffer Cleric

LN Cloistered Cleric of Dragon Pacts [Pact, Dragon Below, Knowledge]

Cleric: Knowledge Devotion
1: Skill Knowledge (Bluff)
9 Summon Elemental Reserve Feat

Profession (Barrister)
Sense Motive
cc Forgery

Speak Infernal , Abyssal, Celestial, Terran and eventually all the extraplanar languages.
Knowledge (The planes) 4 ranks.

  • Collector of Stories Skill Trick!

[Alternate Stuff]
See if Commander Aura can possibly be modified by Commander Rating
See if Legendary Reputation could instead be used for Intimidate]
See if “Quick Rally” could instead be “Harsh Rally” no faster than regular rally, but allows for Intimidate, instead of base 1d20+Cha+Commander Bonus

1 Unholy Fire (Su): Whenever you use a special ability with that deals [Fire] damage, you can choose to change all the fire damage it deals into [Profane] damage that is treated as evil-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. This choice must be made at the time of using the special ability. (See Kord’s Holy Fire, Complete Champion p.100)


‘Twas a ferocious boar of a night, the kind that grabbed the wee whalin’ vessels upon the cruel waves and sunk ‘em down to Roy Venue’s Grave jes to watch ‘em pop back up again! Ol’ Commodore Cutkill was rolling up on the feral seas, when his modest boat, The Bloody Bergamot, was set upon by a craggy purple dragon with glowing lines of subtlety cooling fire striking like lightning between her glimmering scales. ‘Twas none other than ol’ Cynres, the weather witch of the Hjordenfall, beating her hurricane wings to speed her revenge on the ruthless pirate-lord and his scurvy dogs. Three ships prior to the Bergamot, three ships loyal to Cutkill and his daunting grey banner, had fallen to her magmatic wailing and blazing flintnail claws! The only two members of the crew not driven into a blood-curdeling panic by this beast were Cutkill himself, and his emotionless Boatswain, Satiornette, a dread sibling in the skeletal keys (a Grey-Elf society of necromancers focusing on forgotten lore).
As tranquil as any one about to tie their laces in the morning, Satiornette set about conjuring the many ghosts of Cutkill’s former deck-hands and sailors, the Craven Crew dragged back to the land of the living by the chains o’ their mortal souls! A supernatural assault to quell the enraged dragon while the thick skulled leader of the most feared pirates of the Incarnadine Seas took up in his hand a Gaff and rope, and pierced into the dragon’s breast with well placed throw. Dragged off his boat and into the storm, the two horrendous beasts flew ever upward into the sky, one dragging the other by a bit of rope, the other climbing said rope, with a murderous twinkle in his eyes.
The Malestrom raised away from the boat, and the frey was too far removed for the boatswain’s dead army, and the living were left to watch the night as one massive hellcloud above roared and raged unto the morning and night again.
Three days passed before Cutkill fell out of the sky, with not but his hat and the flesh he was born in, laughing all the way down. Upon his fall, the powerful and elegant Cynres took a heated flight away, that hinted of a victory won and precious treasure taken. Broken bones being mended by his elven companions cruel but precise hands, all Cutkill would say were “The first, and most likely last time I’ll ever propose, and turned down I was! What a wondrous thing is a woman!”
Nine months later, the Craven Crew’s nightwatch discovered a strange finding in the riggin’ of the The Bloody Bergomot. A pale-lavender egg the size of a tar-barrel was found beginning to stir, and the captain was notified right away…

Hyacinth was so named for her pale lavendar hair, and was to her father as any monkey may to their nautical master may be, always climbing upon him, and chattering in his ears as he sunk the naval ships of nearby nations, and plundered their holds for easily sold commodities.

Hyacinth’s first words were spoken to her father in a fit of rage. She had strangled a deckhand in their sleep, and her father beamed with pride and announced “Tha’s me son, Hyacinth, we’ll make a pirate of ye yet!”
Hyacinth viciously kicked her father in the shin, and grabbed him by the low-hanging beard, and spake as she was spitting in his own face with a fierce snarl “Daughter! Want pearls and silks!” Drawing his bootknife and carefully cutting off a part of her earlobe, Cutkill beamed even broader at Satiornette, as he announced “Didja just hear me daughter now! A chip off’a her own old block! Ye heard the little hellion, mates, less get me daughter an evenin’ dress with some pearls that shine like freshly plucked eyes in the midsummer night’s glow!”

Hyacinth was dreadfully close to her father, and no member of the crew ever stopped to question either of the vicious family in their ways of bonding time. Her father taught her all the things she’d ever need ta know, how to swear in the ways of the ol’ gods, what portions of a sentient creature’s body were the most tender, when to speak yer mind (always), how to threaten anyone and everyone, and most importantly, he taught her about morality.

“Naw sit here tight, my little murderous babau, I gatta teach ye the lessons a’ morality, as me father did to me, and his father did likewise ta him, and so on and so forth. Naw sit still, or I’ll pin yer miserable little legs to that there barrel with me own dagger, ye hellspawn a’ Asmodius! Kraekin’ abyss, yer more a’ yer mother than wha’s good fer ya. Now look ye, here. There’s only really three rules ya needs to know, ta understand morality.
One, ye do-no’ e’re harm nar kill a cleric. They keep the gods alive, and the gods are awful fearsome to be havin’ against ya. So whatever ya does, do-no’ e’re harm nar kill a cleric.
Two, ye follows the piracy code. Ye set down the articles fer yer own ship, and ye follow them like thems was the only e’re things ye ever was taught. Ye, keep a lot of angry and discontent crew quiet with an abundence o’ rum and merry makin’. Set down, yer own code and follow it good. Ne’re be mistaken’ it fer guidelines, that’ll get ye deader than a lawfolk forced to tell the truth.
Three, speakin’ o’ lawfolk. Don’t never trust ‘em. They’ll kill ye dead quicker than kraekin’ about wi’ a torch in tha magazine soaked in fishliver oil.”

It was no secret that Cutkill had planned to give Hyacinth her own ship for her fourteenth birthday, as that this time seemed like as good of an age as any other to set her off on her own exploits, as she was getting particularly violent and ill-tempered. It was to the point that even Satiornette, was beginning to grow irritable at the young woman’s actions (she had not just last week thrown his entire set of Jezulian knucklebones over the side of the starboard when her father had insisted that, by no means would he be allowing her to sack and pillage a town all by herself nor especially not with no law-loving “privateer” as one that came from the terrible Rivell clan, and that she would make port when the rest of the crew did, just like everyone else). And the infamous Julf Rhett Rivell, the young privateer of the Nearport way, had so generously donated his ship to the Cutkill armada after his head had been severed by an unknown skeletal warrior dragged up from the depths of Roy Venue’s Grave by uncertain ancient necromancies.
However, the day of Hyacinth’s hatch-anniversary, as she was drinking her first full pint of rum, eager to receive her father’s blessing, a bolt of blue lightning cracked like a mithral colossus’s knuckles over the bow of the Bloody Bergamot. It would seem that the Rivell family had taken up arms and Great Granda’ Rivell, The Hangin’ Judge, had started a blood hunt on Commodore Cutkill and his Craven Crew.
The Hangin’ Judge had the ‘vantage of superior firepower, and a fortified dwarven ironsides, named The Love o’ Vali Having no reason to save his lofty expenses for the frivolous inheritance of a now dead (and rather singular) grandson, The Hangin’ Judge had sold off his estates and purchased illegal war-ships and a magineered battery to tear the Bloody Bergamot asunder!
Cutkill rallied his craven crew, and turned into the wind. Magic Artillery hasn’t the range of the mundane, and dwarven iron-sides cannot match a Taurelden Lightwood Skimmer riding the winds. The chase, never the less, was a furious and tightly fought pursuit. What manner of winds the Bergamot could catch would fall flat or turn against their flight, as The Love o’ Vali plugged along at a modest yet unyielding pace. The chase drove Cutkill near a twisting waterspout and horrendous storm. A cruel gleam of spite came over the ol’ pirate’s face as he took the helm. Driving against the spout, Cutkill was able to circle The Love o’ Vali, and ran abeam the ship. The fighting broke out, crew to crew, Satiornette chanting the battle hymn of the undying as Cutkill matched saber to rapier, curse to insult, and bloody scarred to powdered wig with Great Granda’ Rivell, the Hangin’ Judge ‘imself. Between the shouting and the whuthering of the storm, almost none could hear the cackle’s of glee that Hyacinth was shrieking as she took unwitting combatants on either side by the neck with a small dagger she’d stolen away for jes such an occasion.
What precisely beckoned the beast from below is anybody’s guess, but the great leviathan of a whale rose from the ocean deep, maw set against both vessels, and crushed the lot of them, iron and wood crumpling like so much parchment in the fist of an ill tempered child. All were caught in its angry jaws. Those who were not swallowed whole, were marred in the crushing of the boats, or chewed alive by the gnashing teeth of the tremendous beast. Lucky few were thrown to drown out at the wild churlin’ sea.
For the first time in her life, Hyacinth felt fear, for she had watched her dread father pulled into the maw of the beast. A desperate look from her to Satiornette, another of the lucky, was all she could manage before the elf dived into the dark waters below with determination written all over his unspeaking face.

By luck or providence, Hyacinth floated the seas for only a day and a half before landing off port in St. January, a small respectable mining village. Never again, and no more has she heard of her father, or his grim boatswain. But rumors have circulated that The Hangin’ Judge has returned to Nearport, and to his office as magistrate.


Sharkscum is a Carcharodon (or a Darfellan is Carcharodon are not allowed) who functions as a clerical barrister for the Draconic Church. Or he did, until he met Hyacinth. Somehow, he’s fallen into a terrible contractual obligation to follow Hyacinth, and answer to her every beck and call. His natural sense of honesty and adherence to the letter of the law makes his breaking of contract to be compulsively impossible. Portions of his contract include working as her personal barrister, and his job in doing so includes finding any potential loopholes in the self-same contract, and then recommending amending with 80 hour notice before taking advantage of said loopholes.
Sharkscum is a reluctant cleric aid to Hyacinth, but is thankful that he manages to avoid the majority of her scorn.


Hyacinth focuses largely on shouting cruel and unusual battle cries to motivate her crew. Despite her incredibly violent tendencies, the purple scourge retains strict order that could be considered fair to certain points of view.
Oh, sure, she’ll kick your teeth so deep into your brain that the cleric will have to pick them out one by one before reviving you, but you should see what she’ll do to the person that wrongs you.
Sure, she takes 4 shares of the treasure, but she’ll guarantee you a 3 pints of rum everyday you’re on her ship, and will pay you when she cannot provide.
Hyacinth considers herself a bully-pirate and a great captain and will violently harm anyone who challenges her status as such.

Some might suggest that she is “unfeminine” or “overcompensating,” but Hyacinth will happily provide a detailed explanation of how “compensation” has nothing to do with it, probably as they are being tied down for the keelhauling.

Hyacinth will assume that the other characters as officers in hercrew and allow them an amount of “shares” of the treasure, but she will also go about beating the ever living pulp out of them if they don’t toe the line.

Hyacinth also happens to have been assigned male at birth.

Hyacinth Battle Cries

“I’m gunna wreck yer sorry carcass so bad that the cleric won’t resurrect you for fear’a what I’ll do to their family when I find out!”

“Gizzards for garters? You should be so lucky! I’m gonna rip your eyes out of yer damn face for bullets, and pump you full of yer own ocular jelly!”

“I’ll tie yer ugly head to my anchor and animate it by magics dark and ancient so that yee’ll see the damned beasties as they gnaw at yer flesh under the sea.”

“Yer own mother won’t recognize yer mug when I get done with it.”

“Keep flapping yer jaw, yee damned fool, and I’ll find opportunity to reach into yer rotten stomach and turn yer inside out and nail yer guts to wood of yer leaky dingy just to watch yer squirm about like a squid on the floor!”

“You better kill me now you filthfy feck, or I’m gunna carve somethin in ye too damn deep to be cured by mortal magiks!”

“Morale? You think the beatings have got anything to do with morale? Ye blitherin’ idiots! Ye’ll all be chum-bucket giblets by the morning if you don’t get back to work!”

“Ye call this a fight?! I’ve seen greater ferocity from the still twisting guts of the mewlin’ cowards what had the audacity to call out for parley!”

“Death’ll be the only mercy you’ll be seeing today, an’ only if’n yer one of the lucky ones!”

“Take ’em alive yer blaggards! I wanna see what manner of abominable pains I can inflict on their squishing innards, personally!”


A Song For Cutkill

_One hundred days at sea, a wretch away from misery
Rummies and rats and tarry jacks, my only family
The island of salvation is still a scream away
As the lungs of night blow out the light
My heart kneels down to pray

Oh Gods, why did you take her? She meant so much to me
Now, I’m a wretched soul, I’m a pirate, aye, drowning out at sea
I’m killing and I’m drinking my damn’ heart to black
But I swear, oh Gods, I’ll never sin again if you bring her back

Well, a dragon was a siren, dripping with desire
Her moonless scales, eyes so fair, hot as frozen fire
She had the loyalty of a cat behind those hyacinth eyes
And through her chiseled maw, the devil slipped a thousand lies

A clan of rogues and vagabonds occupied her head
That thieving gale took her opalescent claw, stole her from my bed
Like a ghost ship in the night, she soared out once more
To land upon the sand of another lover’s shore

Oh Gods, why did you take her? She meant so much to me
Now, I’m a wretched soul, I’m a pirate, aye, drowning out at sea
I’m killing and I’m drinking my damn’ heart to black
But I swear, oh Gods, I’ll never sin again if you bring her back

In my sleeping mind she sings a sad and lonely lullabye
And when I wake, there’s just the ache that will haunt me til I die
When those winds of vanity no longer blow her west
I pray they’ll guide her home and put my heart to rest

The press gang fill the man-o-war to make the black-mouthed cannon roar
Now, all my trade is ball and blade and blood forever more
And the sting of salt and spray, the ocean’s howl and squall
A stumbling wreck, I roam the deck at the devils’ beck and call
At the devils’ beck and call

Oh Gods, why did you take her? She meant so much to me
Now, I’m a wretched soul, I’m a pirate, aye, drowning out at sea
I’m killing and I’m drinking my damn’ heart to black
But I swear, oh Gods, I’ll never sin again if you bring her back
(Ha, ha, ha, ha)
But I swear, oh Gods, I’ll never sin again if you bring her back_

Captain Hyacinth

FateWeaver Vivika