Blood Axis II

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{Image Here: Flavor Text “I stood in the doorway between light and dark. What was left of my sanity implored me not to enter. But that voice was just a whisper now.”}
A gathering of forces unheard of since time out of mind has been unleashed upon the world of Azuria, and the Ancient Emperor Gods have fallen silent…

The world of Azuria has fallen into an all consuming total war with the forces of evil. Strange creatures, neither demon nor devil, yet seemingly both, assault every civilization in existence. Corruption topples political and spiritual leaders, as armies turn from their previous causes to serve their former foes of darkness. As if the fires of the world-ending war were not enough, it would seem the gods themselves have all fallen silent. Very few cities and citadels remain fortified against the Axis of Evil, and even these are looking at a losing war of attrition. Hope is scant, and heroes are hard to come by.

And even your death will not protect you from the horrors that will march on long after you have fallen.

Those brave enough, or foolish enough, to try their might against the Prime Evils will feel themselves drawn to a tiny Taureldean encampment in a place that was once known as the Wood of Andrea. The Taurelda, or wood elves, of Andrea have been devastated by the destruction and corruption of their homeland, and hold out as one of the last bastions on Azuria fighting against the forces of evil.

Are you ready to take up the fight?

Blood Axis II

FateWeaver Vivika