BAII Inventory

Because Blood Axis II will be such an equipment heavy game, alternate rules for encumbrance will be necessary.

Beyond the equipment that a player actively wears, a character’s inventory is divided into 4 parts; Weaponry, The Backpack, the Belt, and the Pouch.

A character may have two sets of weaponry combat ready at any time. This could be four single-handed weapons, two two-handed weapons, one two-handed weapon and a one-handed weapon and a shield, or so on.

The Backpack
The backpack is where a player stores a number of items equal to (3+Strength Modifier), (minimum 2). These items slots suitable for larger sized items, usually anything bigger than a handful. But smaller items may be placed in here if needed, still taking up a full slot.

The Belt
Depending on the quality of the belt a player wears they gain a certain number of “lines” worth of consumables. Each line provides four slots for consumables. Consumables equipped to a belt are what can be used in combat.

The Pouch
The pouch is where a player stores smaller items and objects, such as a key ring, or gems they might find. The pouch is also a suitable place to store consumables that won’t be used in combat. A player has seven slots on their pouch.

BAII Inventory

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