FateWeaver is a collection of house rules for D&D 3.5, almost to the point of becoming their own system.
Note: All further progress on FateWeaver itself is on temporary hiatus until D&D 5.e is fully examined. There is a good chance that FateWeaver will be updated to match the new edition. Progress will all be on a per-request basis.
The Azure Triskele Is where the new project is being hosted.

The default world of of FateWeaver is a multiverse called Azuria, a strange realm of powerful magic, curious deities, and high adventure. Most folk, and usually of the uneducated sort, believe the realm of Azuria to be in the pocket bag of an unspeaking over-deity that is so absent mindedly working on other projects that it has no idea that Azuria even exists. The realm derives it’s name from a central blazing blue star-like object, from which all mana seems to either be streaming from or to.

Other Campaign Settings