The Undead

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Creatures of the Undead type are the formally living corpses of other creatures animated by spiritual or supernatural forces. Undead races are templates, that are gained on top of another race, and because undead are always created from other types of creatures, the new creatures often adopt the creatures’ old type as a new subtype. All undead also gain one or more of the following subtypes; darkmind, deathless, ghoul, lich, and shade.
Undead are usually disturbing if not outright obscene to other races.

Ghoul Metabolism-Sustained Corporeal Undead (Vampires, Ghasts, Hungry Dead, etc)
Deathless Mana-Sustained Corporeal Undead (Eleti, Zombies, lumbering hulks, etc)
Shade Incorporeal Undead (Always Mana Sustained; Allips, Shadows, Ghosts, Wraiths, etc)
Dark Minded Sentient Undead (Eleti, some Ghosts, Liches, Vampires)
Lich] Mana-sustained Undead with a vulnerable point of sorts (Lich, Revenant, etc)
Elite Undead Classes Undead Paragons!

The Undead

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