OSRIC Wild Surge

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Wild Surge

Roll Results
01 Wall of force appears in front of caster
02 Caster smells like a skunk for spell duration
03 Caster shoots forth 1d10+1 nonpoisonous snakes from fingertips; snakes do not attack
04 Random character in 60 ft radius has clothes itch (+2 penalty to initiative)
05 Caster glows bright color roll 1d10;1 Red, 2 Orange, 3 Yellow, 4 Green, 5 Blue, 6 Indigo, 7 Violet, 8 White, 9 Blacklight, 10 Raindbows, as per a light spell
06 Spell effect has 60 ft radius centered on caster
07 Spell functions as Turn Undead as a cleric of caster level, 50% rebuke instead of turn.
08 Target will rise as Random Undead when killed, if already undead, it is effected as if by a heal.
09 Everything in 60 ft (radius) pivots 180 degrees
10 Caster cannot speak the common tongue or any native language they may know until remove curse is cast
11 Caster develops repulsion field to magical items; all magical items are effected by this for 1d6 turns
12 Target sprouts leaves and can go a day without eating if given 2 hours in sunlight
13 Caster suffers curse as bestow curse
14 Caster’s faith dramatically alters and they begin to worship a new God, in deep earnest, 10% the Caster becomes a staunch Atheist.
15 Spell cannot be canceled at will by the caster
16 Caster is partially buried in ground, roll 1d6; 1 up to knees, 2 up to torso, 3 up to chest with arms free, 4 up to shoulders no arms free, 5 up to chin, 6 up to nose, can breath mostly
17 Colorful bubbles come out of caster’s mouth instead of words (words are released when bubbles pop); spells with verbal components are delayed when cast for 1 turn, lasts until remove curse is cast
18 All cloth on target crumbles to dust
19 Wall of fire encircles the caster
20 Caster’s fists enlarge, reducing movement to half and adding 4 penalty to initiative rolls for 1d31 turns, but fists deal 1d6+2 damage with unarmed attack
21 Swarm of random insects flies from caster’s nostrils, Roll 1d8; 1 Roaches, 2 Locusts, 3 Wasps, 4 Fireflies, 5 Horseflies, 6 Butterflies
22 Caster reverses the aging process on their self for 1d6+4 years
23 Caster ages 1d6+4 years
24 Cause fear within a 60 ft radius centered on the caster; all in radius except caster must make saving throw
25 Caster suffers a drift effect. Roll on random drift table. Drifts cannot be removed by any means short of Wish
26 Caster gains X-ray vision for 1d6 rounds
27 Silence, 15 ft radius centers on caster
28 Pit appears immediately in front of the caster, 5 feet deep per level of the caster
29 Reverse gravity beneath caster’s feet for 1 round
30 Colored streamers pour from caster’s fingertips target must save vs. spell or fall prone
31 Both Caster and Target are poisoned with same poison save against poison with difficulty of spell and suffer 1 point of damage every segment until the poison is treated
32 Caster becomes invisible
33 Color spray from caster’s fingertips
34 Caster suffers same spell effect as target
35 Random Object animates for 1d6 rounds and does the caster’s biding to the best of its abilities
36 3–30 gems shoot from the caster’s fingertips; each is worth 1d6x100 gp
37 Music fills the air around caster until dispel magic is cast roll 1d6, 1 Death March, 2 Plunky Polka Badly Played, 3 Love Sonata, 4 Solemn Religious Hymn, 5 Catchy Dancing Tune, 6 Victory Fanfare
38 Luxurious Food, Gourds of water, and skins of wine, and flagons of ale are created in front of caster, as per Create food and water
39 A perfect clone of the caster is instantly created 60 ft away from the caster, this clone appears as a perfect identical match to the target, even down to DNA, Fingerprints, and retinas. The Clone is of equal experience to the caster, but of any class the GM chooses. The Clone as opposing goals and views to the caster, and may attempt to thwart them or make their life miserable. The Clone is hostile to the caster, but may choose to retreat in order to lay out a more elaborate means of antagonizing.
40 Caster loses 1 random memorized spell instead of casting this one
41 One normal item within 30 feet of caster (randomly chosen) becomes permanently magical
42 Spell appears to fizzle; the next thing the caster says becomes the undeniable truth, even if they mishear a question
43 Sudden change in weather (temperature rise, snow, rain, etc.) lasting 1d6 turns, 10% chance for all characters within 60 feet of caster to suffer 2d6 enviornmental damage (Heat Lightning, Hail Strike, Sunblast, etc) each turn.
44 Dancing lights that may attack with THAC0 18, that effect as Glitterdust when they strike
45 All creatures within 30 feet of the caster begin to hiccup (+1 to casting times, -1 to hit)
46 All normal doors, secret doors, portcullises, etc. (including those locked or barred) within 60 feet of the caster swing open. These doors remain open, but are also brightly light in purple for 1 turn
47 Caster and target exchange places
48 Spell affects random target within 60 feet of caster
49 Spell fails but is not wiped from caster’s mind
53 Caster and Target Merge form, gaining best of eachother’s physical attributes, and must save vs. spell each round to control the merged form, until remove curse
51 Monster summoning of equal level to spell lost, monster has spell theme based on spell used
52 Caster Draws from the Deck of Many Things
53 Deafening bang affects everyone within 60 feet; those who can hear must save vs. Spell or be stunned 1d3 rounds
54 Random spell of same level takes place instead of intended spell
55 Random spell of any level takes place instead of intended spell
56 Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) decreases by 50%
57 Spell reversed, even if not normally possible.
58 Spell takes physical form as free-willed elemental and cannot be controlled by caster; elemental remains for the duration of the spell and its touch causes the spell effect (THAC0 equal to caster’s)
59 Caster is target of spell, if caster was intended target, random other character in 60 feet radius is new target
60 Spell functions; any applicable saving throw is not allowed, if no saving throw, spell’s duration is doubled.
61 Spell appears to fail when cast, but occurs 1d4 rounds later
62 Random Magic item within 60 ft of caster becomes sentient, if no magic item available, a non-magical item becomes sentient and a +1 item.
63 Spell functions normally, and also effects a valid target within 60 ft of the original target, if no other valid target, it effects the original target again
64 Slow spell centered on target
65 Lightning bolt shoots toward target
66 Gate opens to a randomly chosen Outer Plane; 50% chance for extraplanar creature to appear
67 Target enlarged
68 Darkness centered on target
69 Both caster and target change sex
70 1,000 lbs. of nonliving matter within 10 feet of target vanishes
71 Fireball centers on target
72 Target turns to stone
73 Spell is cast; material components and memory of spell are retained
74 Every creature within 10 feet of caster receives the benefit of a heal
75 Plant growth centered on target
76 Dispel magic is cast on all valid targets within 60 ft of target, spell is at double caster level
77 All weapons within 30 feet of caster are magically increased by +2 for 1 turn
78 Target suffers blindness
79 Spell functions but also uses Monster Summoning of same level, but monsters are hostile to caster
80 Target must save vs. spell or suffers immediate amnesia
81 Spell is cast; Caster believes it failed
82 Rust monster appears in front of target
83 Target polymorphs randomly roll on random polymorph table
84 Target falls madly in love with caster until a remove curse is cast
85 Target is shunt 1d4+1 rounds ahead in time
86 Target’s skin, hair, eyes, and equipment all change to a new random color
87 Stinking cloud centers on target
88 Heavy object appears over target and falls for 2d20 points of damage, roll 1d12; 1 Safe filled with important documents written in random language, 2 chest filled with bones, 3 anvil with hammer and tongs, 4 suit of Gothic Field plate filled with sparing dummy, 5 dead troll, 6 a cow that is unharmed by the fall, 6 a boulder followed by a feather landing perfectly balanced on top, 7 a wagon filled with exotic cheeses, 8 a large felled tree with an uninjured woodland creature’s nest, 9 large sack of stone hard potatoes, 10 mine cart filled with random ore, 11 a statue of a random god, 12 Target grabs nearby rope & pulley, is counterbalanced by barrel full of building bricks, target rushes up and bangs into bricks on way up and continues to bash their head on pulley, barrel spills half the bricks, barrel being lighter the target falls landing on bricks, the barrel hits the pulley and the bottom bursts, showering bricks on target, target then lets go of the rope, and barrel falls on target. Target suffers 6d20 damage instead of only 2d20
89 Target begins sneezing and is unable to cast spells, and +3 THACO for 1d6 rounds
90 Spell effect has 60ft radius centered on target (all within suffer the effect)
91 Target turns ethereal of 2d4 rounds
92 Caster hastened
93 Target is held as per Hold Person regardless of being person shaped or not
94 Caster Grows Wings, and may Glide 10 ft out for 10 ft drop until dispel magic is cast
95 Time Stop on caster
96 Target begins bleeding out of all major orifices, and suffers 1 point of damage each segment for duration of spell
97 Spell has minimum duration of 1 turn (e.g.: a fireball creates a ball of flame that remains for 1 turn, a lightning bolt bounces and continues, possibly rebounding, for 1 turn, etc.)
98 Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) increase 200%
99 Roll Twice, Both Effects take place
00 Roll 4 times, All effects take place
Random Polymorph Table

First roll to determine the sentience, speech and class feature retention, then roll 1d100% for new form. (Roll 1d4; 1 Completely Altered, 2 Retain Sentience, but no spells, class features, or speech, 3 Retain Sentience and speech, but no spells or class features, 4 Retain Sentience speech and class features including spells.)

Roll d%
1 Pile of rubbish (Roll 1d8; 1 soiled linens, 2 rotten fruit, 3 destroyed weapon, 4 broken glass, 5 vermin carcasses, 6 broken furniture, 7 burnt out wand, 8 scraps of useless fabric
2 1d4+1 warm pastries that function as goodberry spell (Roll 1d20; 1 muffin, 2 cake, 3 cookie, 4 strudel, 5 sticky roll, 6 doughnut, 7 croissant, 8 bagel, 9 cheese danish, 10 pie, 11 quiche, 12 cream puff, 13 eclair, 14 baklava, 15 waffle, 16 scone, 17 fruit torte, 18 bread pudding, 19 custard bao 20 cannoli)
3 Random Armor (5% chance that it is magical)
4 Random Art object (5% chance that it is magical)
5 Random Weapon (5% chance that it is magical)
6 Pile of coins (1d100 coins; roll 1d4; 1 copper coins, 2 silver coins, 3 gold coins, 4 platinum coins)
7 Random Animated Object (1d4; 1 Art Object, 2 Weapon, 3 Armor, 4 Gem, 5 Traveler’s gear, 6 Rubbish)
8 Fish
9 Squirrel
10 Newt
11 Weasel
12 Turtle
13 Chicken
14 Sheep
15 Pig
16 Docile Cow
17 Yellow Mould
18 Whale
19 Beholderkin Gas Spore
20 Carbunkle
21 Mule
22 Camel
23 Axe Beak
24 Huge Centipede
25 Giant Ant Soldier
26 Giant Spider
27 Wolf
28 Random Zombie [10% monstrous Zombie, Roll on Random Polymorph table for Monster. If not monstrous Roll 1d20; 1-2 Dwarf, 3-4 Elf, 5-6 Gnome, 7-8 Halfling, 9-10 Half Elf, 11-12 Human, 13 Bugbear, 14 Gnoll, 15 Goblin, 16 Hobgoblin, 17 Kobold, 18 Lizardfolk, 19 Orc, 20 Troglodyte]
29 Gelatnous Cube
30 Giant Frog
31 Giant Crab
32 Wild Horse
33 Mobat Bat (HD 4)
34 Giant Honey Bee Soldier
35 Black Bear
36 Dire Wolf
37 Psuedodragon
38 Walrus
39 Giant Boar
40 Polar Bear
41 Bugbear
42 Beholder [Not in OSRIC proper]
43 Dwarf [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Miner, 2 Smith, 3 Tavern Waitstaff, 4 Gemcutter, 5 Goatherd , 6 Bandit (L.1 Thief), 7 Priest (L.1 Cleric), 8 Tunnel Warrior (L.1 Fighter)]
44 Elf [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Scribe, 2 Dancer, 3 Lamplight, 4 Fletcher, 5 Bird-keeper, 6 Scout (L.1 Thief), 7 Apprentice (L.1 Mage), 8 Forest Guardian (L.1 Fighter)]
45 Gnome [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Fisherman, 2 Shoeshine, 3 Librarian, 4 Burrow-Whisperer, 5 Engineer, 6 Trapsmith (L.1 Thief), 7 Entertainer (L.1 Illusionist), 8 Giant Hunter (L.1 Fighter)]
46 Gnoll [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Den Parent, 2 Gatherer, 3 Storyteller, 4 Vizier, 5 Fool, 6 Robber (L.1 Thief), 7 Shaman (L.1 Druid), 8 Raider (L.1 Fighter)]
47 Goblin [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Shoemaker, 2 Apothecary, 3 Herbalist, 4 Troop Cook, 5 Monster Bait, 6 Sneak (L.1 Thief), 7 Bomber (L.1 Mage), 8 Soldier (L.1 Fighter)]
48 Half Elf [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Minstrel, 2 Songbird Trapper, 3 Painter, 4 Sculptor, 5 Town Crier, 6 Locksmith (L.1 Thief), 7 Scholar (L.1 Mage), 8 Blade for Hire (L.1 Fighter)]
49 Halfling [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Baker, 2 Carpenter, 3 Taxidermist, 4 Stable Hand, 5 Botonist, 6 Burglar (L.1 Thief), 7 Outrider (L.1 Ranger), 8 Constable (L.1 Fighter)]
50 Hobgoblin [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Tanner, 2 Butcher, 3 Squire, 4 Messenger, 5 Pack-Bearer, 6 Spy (L.1 Thief), 7 Healer (L.1 Cleric), 8 Mercenary (L.1 Fighter)]
51 Human [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Candlestick Maker, 2 Sewer Cleaner, 3 Money Changer, 4 Farmer, 5 Hair-stylist, 6 Shopkeeper (L.1 Thief), 7 Tutor (L.1 Mage), 8 Thug (L.1 Fighter)]
52 Kobold [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Skinner, 2 Rune-Carver, 3 Acrobat, 4 Clutch-Keeper, 5 Ditch-Digger, 6 Diplomat (L.1 Thief), 7 Dragon Priest (L.1 Mage), 8 Manhunter (L.1 Fighter)]
53 Lizardfolk [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Trade-Post Staff, 2 Surgeon, 3 Personal Servant, 4 Beastmaster, 5 Fungus Collector, 6 Swamp Lurker (L.1 Thief), 7 Fortune Teller (L.1 Cleric), 8 Athlete (L.1 Fighter)]
54 Orc [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Courtesan, 2 Stoker, 3 Sailor, 4 Beggar, 5 Ranch-hand, 6 Anarchist (L.1 Thief), 7 Politician (L.1 Mage), 8 Rhonin (L.1 Fighter)]
55 Sahuagin [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Scale-Polisher, 2 Coral-Sculptor, 3 Shark-herd, 4 Weaver, 5 Merchant, 6 Treasure Hunter (L.1 Thief), 7 Cultist (L.1 Mage), 8 Pirate (L.1 Fighter)]
56 Troglodyte [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Effigy Crafter, 2 Tinker, 3 Nest Builder, 4 Bug Trader, 5 Crab Trapper, 6 Egg Thief (L.1 Thief), 7 Fire-Master (L.1 Mage), 8 Boarder Patrol (L.1 Fighter)]
57 Crab Folk [Personality roll 1d8; 1 Rock Shiner, 2 Manta-Coach, 3 Gambler, 4 Instrument Crafter, 5 Dock-Hand, 6 Scavenger (L.1 Thief), 7 Ocean Singer (L.1 Druid), 8 Town Guard (L.1 Fighter)]
58 Owlbear
59 Blindhelm
60 Random Ghast [20% monstrous Ghoul, Roll on Random Polymorph table for Monster. If not monstrous Roll 1d20; 1-2 Dwarf, 3-4 Elf, 5-6 Gnome, 7-8 Halfling, 9-10 Half Elf, 11-12 Human, 13 Bugbear, 14 Gnoll, 15 Goblin, 16 Hobgoblin, 17 Kobold, 18 Lizardfolk, 19 Orc, 20 Troglodyte]
61 Harpy
62 Mephit [roll 1d4; 1 Fire, 2 Lava, 3 Smoke, 4 Steam]
63 Pixie
64 Random Shadow [25% monstrous Shadow, Roll on Random Polymorph table for Monster. If not monstrous Roll 1d20; 1-2 Dwarf, 3-4 Elf, 5-6 Gnome, 7-8 Halfling, 9-10 Half Elf, 11-12 Human, 13 Bugbear, 14 Gnoll, 15 Goblin, 16 Hobgoblin, 17 Kobold, 18 Lizardfolk, 19 Orc, 20 Troglodyte]
65 Centaur
66 Blink Dog
67 Ankheg [8HD]
68 Gargoyle
69 Nymph
70 Unicorn
71 Faun
72 Minotaur
73 Medusa
74 Hydra [1d4+1 Heads]
75 Genie [Can’t cast own Wish, but can pervert wishes of others]
76 Velociraptor
77 Hill Giant
78 Troll
79 Manticore
80 Elemental (8HD) [roll 1d4; 1 Air , 2 Earth , 3 Fire, 4 Water]
81 Wyvern
82 Sphinx [1d4; 1 Androsphinx, 2 Criosphinx, 3 Gynosphinx, 4 Hieracosphinx]
83 Griffon
84 Quetzalcoatlus
85 Animated Tree
86 Basilisk
87 Ettin
88 Chimera
89 Clay Golem
90 Flesh Golem
91 Rakshasa
92 Bulette
93 Stone Golem
94 Iron Golem
95 Tyrannosaurus
96 Dragon Turtle
97 Demon of Relatively equal Level
98 Demon of Relatively equal Level
99 Dragon [1d10; 1 Black, 2 Blue, 3 Brass, 4 Bronze, 5 Copper, 6 Gold, 7 Green, 8 Red, 9 Silver, 10 White]
100 Titan
Random Drift Table
Roll d%
1-2 Leopard spots (+5% to Hide in Tall Grass)
3-4 Feline tail (+5% to Climb Walls)
5-6 Sprout feathers but not wings (1d10; 1 White, 2 Black, 3 Brown, 4 Red, 5 Orange, 6 Yellow, 7 Green, 8 Blue, 9 Indigo, 10 Violet. 1/day produce 1 exceptional pen quill)
6-8 Hair becomes a tangle of short vines (+5% to Hide in Tall Grass)
9-10 Light, downy fur covers skin (+1 bonus to saving throws vs. cold attacks)
11-12 Grow scales all over skin (1d10; 1 White, 2 Black, 3 Silver , 4 Red, 5 Orange, 6 Yellow, 7 Green, 8 Blue, 9 Indigo, 10 Violet)
13-14 Voice is similar to that of a random animal (+50% to disguise voice as that animal)
15-16 Zebra stripes (+10% Hide in Tall Grass)
17-18 Grow camel’s hump (Go without water for up to five days)
19-20 Coat of white polar fur (+10% Hide in Snow)
21-22 Gecko Pads on Fingers and Feet (+10% Climb Walls)
23-24 Elk Legs (+10ft to movement)
25-26 Sprout Leaves (Can forgo eating for 1 day with 2 hours of sunlight)
27-28 Blood becomes thick sap (Progressive Healing and Damage effects only have half effect)
29-30 Compound Bugs Eyes (Gain infared vision)
31-32 Octopus Skin Color-shift (+10% to Hide in Shadows)
33-34 Hooves (1d2 Bashing)
35-36 Short Horns (1d2 Piercing)
37-38 Razor Teeth (1d2 Slashing)
39-40 Clawed Hand (1d3+1 Slashing)
41-42 Nose Horn (1d3+1 Piecing)
43-44 Gorilla Hands (1d3+1 Bashing)
45-46 Long Horns (1d4 Piercing)
47-48 Insect Blades (1d4 Slashing)
49-50 Dermal Bone-Plate (1d4 Bashing)
51-52 Unicorn Horn (1d4+1 Piecing)
53-54 Ram Horns (1d4+1 Bashing)
55-56 Razor Antlers (1d4+1 Slashing)
57-58 Grow Additional Eye (-1 to Initiative checks)
59-60 Thorns Grow On Body (Others attacking with natural or unarmed attacks, or grapples, suffer 1d3 piercing damage)
61-62 Snake Tail (Constrict when grappling for 1d4+1 bashing damage)
63-64 Hound Nose (Gain the scent ability of a dog)
65-66 Sprout fish gills (You can breathe both water and air.)
67-68 Raptor Talons (Treated as Specialized as Fighter with talons that deal 1d3+1 piercing damage)
69-70 Cobra’s Hood (Glare 1/day to replicate either Charm Animal or Charm Person)
71-72 Web Spinning (1/day may replicate Web spell, or produce up to 100 ft of sticky Silk rope)
73-74 Scorpion Stinger (1d4 Piericing and save vs. poison or 2 damage each round for 1d4+1 rounds)
75-76 Squid Ink (1/day produce 1 large vial of usable ink per day, or while in water emit a jet-black cloud of ink in a 10 ft. radius, providing total concealment for 1d6+1 rounds)
77-78 Grow Numerous Bright Flowers (1/day Release a cloud of pollen as per Stinking Cloud, except wonderful smelling yet agitating to senses)
79-80 Butterfly Wings (Glide 30 ft down for 10 ft of movement)
81-82 Bat Wings (Glide 20 ft down for 10 ft of movement)
83-84 Hawk Wings (Glide 10 ft down for 10 ft of movement)
85-86 Armadillo Spine and Scales (Curl to gain -2 bonus to AC but cannot attack or move)
87-88 Turtle Shell (Curl to gain -4 bonus to AC but cannot attack or move)
89-90 Skin becomes tree bark (You gain a -1 to AC.)
91-92 Porcupine Quill Tail (May make 3/2 missile attacks dealing 1d4 piercing damage)
93-94 Additional Clawed Limbs (May make an additional 1/2 attack dealing 1d4 slashing damage)
95-96 Owl’s neck (Twist Neck to gain immunity to Backstab, but cannot move while twisting neck)
97-98 Tongue Whip (May attempt to snatch things with tongue at distance of 15 ft, Tongue is strong enough to support twice the natural body weight of the caster from a dead hang)
99-100 Symbioses (Tiny creatures exist in blood, clearing any toxins or pathogens, Immune to Poison & Disease)

OSRIC Wild Surge

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