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The Power of Guilds (Rant, needs cleaning up)
Though Azuria is a series of worlds with nations, cultures, and churches; sovereign states and world-religions do not hold as much power potential as the Guilds and Syndicates. In truth, most of the Guilds grew out various active Religious Orders, as that the Gods of Azuria were very hands on in organizing their churches. It wasn’t long before the religious rituals and the duties grew seperate.
A person may be a citizen of any nation or member of any nomadic tribe or anything similar, their membership in a guild will have more sway on how the “laws” effect them.

Though guilds are the most powerful of the three, they are still influenced by politics and religion. (Power dynamics function largely as follows; Guild > State > Church, though this gets wibilty)

Guilds of Azuria
B.I.L.E Bloodsport Interplanatory League Elite; Gladiators and the like Official
Bearers of the Mark The Church’s Representative Guild Kind of Official
Blueguard More of a drinking group than a guild, the Blue Mages are technically a small scale guild that just happen to appear everywhere Kind of Official
Confectionery Collective Apothecaries that deal in sweets and poisons Unofficial
Courier Coalition Powerful blasters that deliver messages without magic transportation Official
Curmudgeons Loosely affiliated hermit-researchers that study the “simpler” sciences. Unofficial
Entertainers Outfit Courtesans & Performers backed with high muscle Official
F.U.C.T. Company Odd Mining Company, that largely clears & fills in the unnatural trenches and caverns Official
Fraternity of the Cerulean Seal A highly secretive organization that aggressively hunts aberrations and strictly monitors psionic activity Unknown
Grey Orcs Splinter group of the Neghizkera Movement, formally war-heroes, now overly violent Unofficial
Hand of the Butterfly Generally regarded as an insane cult Unofficial
Iron Circle The Mud-Sorcerer Rulers of Athodux Kind of Unofficial
Lord’s Alliance The Noble’s Representative Guild Kind of Official
Merchant’s Syndicate The Leaders of Guild & Trade Super Official
Neghizkera Movement A group of politically and economically engaged Goblin-Rights activists Kind of Official
Order of the Morning Arrow The Hero’s Guild, more mercenaries now… Official
Ram & Hammer Large-scale and fully legally endorsed Assassin’s Guild & Tavern1 Chain Official
Rusty Pipe Large-scale coastal Pub1 Chain. Renown for violence and machismo Unofficial
Sash Blanche Small-scale but troublesome guild of politically motivated assassins and spies Unofficial
Shadow Dart Society Small-scale counter-assassins and cultists Unofficial
Silver Lodge A Gathering of Drinking and Arming Lodges dedicated to the Greatness of Holly, they double as a kind of Shrine to the Dragon god of War. Kind of Official
Sorority of the Silver-Eyed Huntress Smallest scale religious gathering of female assassins Unofficial
Temple of Reshar A Philosophical Collective of The Nine Ways of the Sword Official
Universal Free-Trade Company Pirates that defy the Merchant’s Syndicate Super Unofficial
Ur-House An anti-religious organization seeking validation Struggling to become Official
Wizards Academy Largely true-name research facility, guarded on an ever moving archipelago Official

Non-Cosmos Guilds
Many smaller guilds and syndicates exist, but are not as all prevailing and have far less power than these guilds. For example, each town is likely to have its own Cheesemaker’s guild, or soemthing along those lines. Thieves guilds tend to fall into this category.

fn.1 In this context a Tavern is a place where food, beverage, and rooms can be procured. An Inn is where rooms and perhaps beverage can be procured. A Pub is where beverage and often food can be procured.

Guilds of Azuria

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