Gods of Azuria

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Deity Description Domains
The Creator Distant Over-Deity rumored to be a “floating lizard-wizard in a bag.” Creation, Magic, Mind, and Knowledge
Altair Greater Deity of Assassins and Death Knowledge, Secrets, and Trickery
Ellie Greater Deity of Elves and Forests Elf, Nature, and Land
Holly Greater Deity of Metalic Dragons and Soldiers Protection, Tempest, and War
Hemmick Greater Deity of Chromatic Dragons and Flash Glory, Magic, and Power
Tansy Greater Deity of Pirates and Flame Fire, Madness, and Water
Andros Zealous Deity of the Jungle Drow Light, Scorpion
Aquamarine Curious Deity of Unpredictable Alchemy Chaos, Craft
Selune Smiling Deity of Dyrmin and Change Moon, Nature
Ted Lazy Deity of Wastrels and Performers Music, Wastrel
The Traveler Pragmatic Deity of Travel and Crossroads Planes, Travel
Zod Somber Deity of Love & War Life, War
The Angry Tree Furious Demigod of Anger Rage
Gamble Ferali Dwarven Demigod of Hunting the Undead Disruption
Whalemother Darfellan Demigod of Cetaceans Truth

Cthonians & Vestiges are non-existent entities that manage to leak into reality due to the labored work of cultish worshipers, and the binding rituals of Warlocks.

Vestige %{color:white}*Description* %{color:white} Patron %{color:white} Domains*
Clumi Dark Cthonian of Archery, Dragon Slaying, and Retribution The Fiend Vengeance, Dragonhunt, War
Roy Venue Brooding Cthonian of Cold, Sea-Monsters, and Storms Archfey Tempest, Monster, Water
The Succubus Overlord of the Abyss, and Preening Cthonian of Charm and Envy The Fiend Charm, Pestilence, Lust
Marv Sugar-Touch Sweets Terrifying Cthonian of Confections and Mold Archfey Candy, Poison, Disease
The Forgotten Monarch Shadowy Cthonian of Competition and Ingenuity The Great Old One Creation, Nobility, Magic
The Fine Red Mist Mysterious vestige of Fate and Silence ??? Fate, Silence
The Hammer Bearer Vestigial Deity of Storm, Strength The Great Old One Strength, Tempest
The Death Watcher Vestigial Deity of Gems, and Knowledge The Great Old One Gem, Knowledge
The Alphafiend Demon-Lord, Devil-Prince, and Yugoloth-Baron of Evil The Fiend Pacts, and Trickery
The Brokenhearted Vestigial Figure of Deathless, Memory, and Pain The Great Old One Undead, Pain
Handsome William Vestigial Deity of Light, Strength, and Healing The Great Old One Light, Life
Moradin Flesh-Bound Deity of Dwarves and Metal The Great Old One Dwarf, Metal
Llolth Vestigial Deity of Drow, the Moon, and Spiders The Great Old One Moon, Spider

Common Portfolios/Domains without Dieties

  • Air
  • Animals
  • Balance
  • Courage
  • Commerce
  • Darkness
  • Earth
  • Force?
  • Good
  • Healing (Could use a proper god)
  • Law
  • Luck
  • Thieves
  • Time
  • Undead

Races without specific Dieties that may want one

  • Gnomes (Aquamarine?)
  • Halflings (Quite content without a silly god?)
  • Orcs/Other Goblins

Gods of Azuria

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