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Spit-balling a campaign where 4-7 heroes from various armies/races/whateves from Warhammer 40k (note I don’t know much at all about Warhammer 40k) are stuck on a Forgeworld that just happened to get smacked with a warp storm and are basically doing the “I’ll work with you until I don’t need you anymore and then I’ll kill you” shtick. They are trying to find technology on the forgeworld that will stop the warpstorm, because that might be a thing, maybe.
Then there may be vessels suitable leaving.

There’s a lot of maybe.

For simplicity sake, this will use the Twelvenate System.

|Ork|Psychic Warrior Thing?|
|Chaos Space Marine|Barbarian|
|Space Marine|Fighter|
|Grey Knight|Demon Hunter Paladin Type|
|Sister of Battle|
|Imperial Guard|Smart Fighter Thing? Factotum|
|Tech Priest|Artificer of Sorts|
|Necron|Juggernaught Fighter thing?|
|Eldar|Elf.. Psychic Warrior?|
|Dark Eldar|Elf..Pyschic Murderfest?|
|Tau|Tome of Battle Nonsense?|


FateWeaver Vivika