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Feat Name Rough Idea
Innate Mana Gain a Form-Like ability, L = 1/2 HD Caster level as Mage type
Ability Enhancer Any form/item that increases an ability score increases it by +2
Able Learner Gain +1 Skill point per level
Acrobatic Backstab Tumble through opponent’s square, gain Sneak Attack. 1/enemy/encounter
Action Surge Gain an additional [Standard Action] this round, become [Stunned] next round?
Adaptable Flanker Choose any square adjascent to self, count as positioned there for purposes of Flanking
Lucky Avoidance [Luck] Expend Luck Point, force opponent to re-roll any check/damage/and the sort
Lucky Strike [Luck] Expend Luck Point, re-roll attacks, skills, damage, and other stuff.
Aerial Superiority +2 [Dodge] to AC when flying
Aftersight Seeing into the past, in specific location
Alertness Character is not [Flat-footed] at the beginning of combat so long as they are aware of their opponents
Allied Defense When Fighting Defensively/Total Defense, all allies within reach, gain bonus to AC
Alternate Form Gain (Shapechanger) type, gain appropriate Alternate Form
Always Prepared Wisdom Check DC 15, have mundane items of up to 5 GP per HD on hand. Wis/day uses.
Amphibious [Prereqs?] Can breath both water and air.
Ancestral Knowledge Gain Lore-like ability
Ancestral Relic Gain a scaling Magical Item that is only magical to character, and does not obviate Vow of Nonwealth
Aquatic Shot Can employ ranged weapons underwater at penalties…
Area Attack [Prereqs?] Reflex save for half damage, Attack in area equal to 1/2 Reach, all targets of same size or smaller. Deal damage relative to size? Bludgeoning?
Armor Proficiency Grain Proficiency with Heavy Armor & Shields
Armor Mastery [Specific] Gain +2 AC and +2 DR with specified armor. Ignore -1 ACP.
Armor Penetration Ignore first [Int] point of Hard Armor with melee or 1st range increment. (this functions as percision damage for puposes of range increments, i.e. something that increases precision damage to second range increment also increases this.)
Armor Specialization [Specific] [Preq: Armor Mastery] Gain +4 AC and +4 DR with specified armor. Ignore -2 ACP. (Does not stack)
Armor Skin Gain DR/- equal to half Con Mod.
Assiduous Recall Recover X Forms per day as a [Swift Action]
Augment Summoning Specific summoning abilities have their duration doubled, and gain some minor buffs that scale with level, HP boost per HD, bonus to Attacks and damge
Augment Recovery Whenver gaining hp, gain +X hp per instance of recovery, where X = HD
Back to Back (pre-reqs) Gain Uncanny Dodge (Flanking) when adjascent to an ally and?
Battle Cry Demoralize in an Area rather than a target
Ballista Mastery Make full attacks on a Ballista, instead of only 1 attack per round.
Bear Fang [Prereqs?] Hit twice in a round, can initiate a Grapple as a free action.
Beloved of Chaos See “Chaos Devotion.”
Blind Fight Re-roll any misschance twice.
Blind Sense [Blind Fight] Re-roll any misschance twice.
Blind Sight [Blind Fight] & [Blindsight] Re-roll any misschance twice.
Bloodletting [Prereqs?] Hit twice in a round, Fort Save or opponent is [Bleeding]
Body Pouch Have a hidden pouch, can store items in it. Rules and stuff.
Braced When charged at, always gain an AoO against Charging Target. Also gain +HD vs Bullrush attempts.
Braced Assault [Preq: Braced] Deal double damage when interupting a charge. Weapons that already deal double damage, deal tripple damage.
Breath Control Hold breath for minutes instead of for rounds. If already for minutes, hold for hours.
Brutal Throw Use Str in place of Dex for thrown weapons. May use power attack (if have) with thrown weapons.
Castling Strike [Prereqs?] Hit twice in a round, Reflex Save DC X, or switch place with enemy.
Cautious Double bonus to AC when fighting defensively.
Cheat Death When using a Heal check, character may stabilize/revive [dead] characters with damage down to 3x Wisdom SCORE.
Choke-Out [Preq: Improved Combat Maneuver (Grapple) and ???] While choking an enemy they must make a DC X Fort save or fall [Unconsious] for 1d4+1 rounds.
Cleave With a successful attack, a character gains a [Bonus Attack]
Cleave, Greater [Preqs] With two successful attacks in a round, a character gains [Bonus Attack] this stacks with other [Bonus Attacks] despite bonus attacks not normally stacking.
Clever Wrestling [Preqs:Improved Combat Manuver (Grapple) Ignore all of, or maybe half of, or a delayed rate of, size disadvantages when grappling larger opponents.
Cohort Gain a Cohort who aids and assists
Combat Reflexes Gain +2 bonus to attack rolls for Attacks of Opportunity, and bonus AoOs equal to dex mod. (for a total of 2x dex mod AoOs)
Combat Reflexes, Improved [Preq: Combat Reflexes, some level] Gain +2 bonus to damage rolls for Attacks of Opportunity, no limit on AoOs per round (avoid spamming….)
Contemptible Use Goad maneuver to have enemy target a specific enmey of their own. (Can’t have an enemy target an ally, but can have them target a mutual enemy, or your own ally)
Contemptible Fuck [Contemptible] Use Goad maneuver to have enemy target their own allies.
Craven Deal Sneak Attack Damage like a rouge, only deal +HD damage. Add to SA if already have.
Cruel Trample An anceint fighting style of the Kentari, when Overruning an opponent, opponent cannot Avoid, and gain 1 free natural-attack against any knocked down opponent.
Daunting Presence Intimidation effects penetrate Immunity to Fear.
Dazing Blow [Prereqs?] Hit twice in a round, Fortitude Save DC X, or Dazed for 1 round.
Diehard Double negative hit-point threshold, and remain perfectly conscious until dead. Nonlethal damage must equal HP plus the doubled negative hit-point threshdold to knock out.
Dodge Gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC, and 1/per round as a swift action, may attempt to roll a Reflex save vs. an attack after it is determined to have hit you
(Energy Subtype) Compaions Granted companions, cohorts, and summons gain [Subtype] and deal an additional 1d6/XHD damage with their attacks of the appropriate type
(Energy Subtype) Rage While in rage gain [Subtype] and deal an additional 1d6/XHD damage with their attacks of the appropriate type
Eye of the Hawk All penalties to ranged attacks from range increments are at 1/2 penalty
Favored Enemy Defense Add bonus from favored enemies to AC, DR, and Saves against favored enemies
Fervent [Prereqs?] Based on Iron Heart Surge
Field Medic Provide Temporary HP with a Heal Check as a [Standard Action]
Fleetness Increase all move speeds by 2 paces. (Can take multiple times)
Form Resistance Lesser Gain SR 5+HD+Cha? Might need some buffing…
Ghost Punch Natural attacks have the Ghost Touch property and deal +1d6 damage to [Ethereal] opponents
Goaded Distraction [Preqs: Improved Combat Manuever: Goad] If goad is successful, target is [flat-footed] to an ally of Goader’s choice.]
[Prereqs?] Hit twice in a round, Fortitude Save DC X, or reduced movement speeds for Y rounds
Hunter’s Eye Any effects that can only occur in the 1st range increment, can be done in the second range increment as well
Inner Light [Move Action] produce light based on HD, negates darkness based on HD.
Improved Grab [Prereqs?] May start a grapple with a Natural Weapon instead of a touch attack.
Improved Combat Maneuver Gain +4 to combat Maneuver check and it doesn’t provoke AoO, usually (does not apply to Full Attack, Defensive Fighting, etc). (Maybe with successful maneuver, gain a free attack, like Imp. Trip?)
Improved Critical Edge Increase Threat Range by +2
Improved Critical Wound Increase multiplier by +2
Improvised Weapon Proficiency May improvise weapons of [Common][Martial] quality with no penalty.
Irresistible [Specific] Mana Mana type spells that require saves infer a -1 to all saves vs. that mana type until end of combat, this stacks. See “Battle Mage Tactics”.
Jack of All Trades May roll Twelvenate + HD in place of any skill check. Do not add ability mods…
Specialized Compaions Granted companions, cohorts, and summons take on specific template/Type/etc. Ideas include [Construct], Celestial, Incorporeal, [Fey], etc.
[Specific] Mana Mastery May always take 11 on Form-Resistance Penetration Checks
Manawell Blood Suffer Constitution Burn, manipulate more forms?
Manawell Channeling Expend a form as an [Free Action] to use a charged item of form level equal to expended form or lower, without expending charges on the item
Manawell Heart Expend a form as an [Immediate Action] gain hp equal to Form level
Manawell Defense [Immediate Action] Sacrifice a form, gain X to AC, +X to all Saves, 10X Form-Resitance, or 1/2 X (min 1) to DR until the begining of next turn.
Manawell Strike [Swift Action] Sacrifice a form, gain +X to hit, and +Xd4 damage, where x = form level, works on Combat Maneuvers
Mana Synergy Exchange a number of Form levels of one type to another per day
Monkey Grip Character can wield weapons of a character 1 size larger than themselves with no penalty. Alternatively, said character can wield 2-handed weapons in 1 hand, or 1-handed weapons like light weapons, albeit at a -2 penalty.
Obsidian Eyes [Preq:Darkvision] see through darkness effects/forms
Parry On melee attack, use an AoO, use attack roll with weapon in place of AC
Power Attack Pretty much as is
Penetrate Armor [Prereqs?] Spend [Move Action] to study a target. Ignore 1/2 their Hard Armor to AC
Penetrate Armor, Greater [Prereqs?] Spend [Move Action] to study a target. Ignore 1/2 their Damage Reduction as well as 1/2 thier Hard Armor to AC
Torch Wielder [Prereqs?] Hit twice in a round, Fortitude Save DC X, or Dazzled for 1d4 rounds and fire damage.
Refocus Use [Meditation] check as a [standard action] to gain temporary hp.
Scry Sense Always aware whenever divination type effects are used, not sure of where or why, but aware
Skill Focus (Skill) +4 on Skill checks, may always take 11 with skill.
Sniper +2 to Atk & dmg vs [flat footed] with ranged, +4 to hide after attack
Sprint Gain +2 dodge AC when moving 4 paces or more per round, may run at 5x Movmenet speed, Charge at 3 x Move Speed
Trophy Hunter Free Action take a trophy from a fallen foe, free intimidate all who witness. Trophies need stat back up, probably +2 Tool Bonus to Intimidate (potentially trophey relevent creatures).
Unconventional Rebuking [Type] Can now rebuke creatures of [Type], must be able to Rebuke.
Unconventional Turning [Type] Can now turn creatures of [Type], must be able to Turn.
Unpredictable Insight bonuses do not apply to character. See “Chaotic Mind,” but not limited to psionics.
Weakening Touch [Prereqs?] deal Strength or Dexterity damage with unarmed attacks
Weapon Finesse When wielding a Finesse weapon or light weapon, add Dex to damage in place of str.
Whirling Steel [Weapon Group] [Prereqs: 4 ranks in Weapon Focus (Weapon Group)] Treat all weapons of weapon group as if monastic weapons for a monk. Flurry. Unarmed strike damage. Stunning fist. Deflect arrows. Etc.
Whirlwind Attack Standard Action to make a single [Attack Action] against all opponents in reach. [Bonus Attacks] only apply to one enemy.
Improved Whirlwind Attack [Preq: Whirlwind Attack] Standard Action to make a full iterative of [Attack Actions] against all opponents in reach. [Bonus Attacks] only apply to one enemy.
Willful Channeling Cha times per day, use a charged item of form level up to 1/2 HD (min 1) without expending a charge.

Metamana Feats

Feat Name Rough Idea
Aquatic Form +0: Water doesn’t break line of effect, can be done underwater, fire effects work!
Bane of [Type] Form +0: Deals +2d6 dmg vs [Type] and +2 DC
Bend Form +0: Cover does not benefit targets of forms. Still requires line of sight.
Blistering Form +2: Penetrates [Damage Type] immunity, but deals half damage when doing so, and Ignores Resistance.
Burrowing Form +2: Form ignores concealment, cover, and can break line-of-effect
Quicken Form +3: Form Shaping Length Decressed to Swift Action
Stealth Form +1: Form is silent and difficult to trace
Widen Form +2: Double Area of Area-effect Forms

*Supernatural Abilities should have mirror feats for Metamana (i.e. Widen Supernatural Ability).

Creation Feats

Feat Name Rough Idea
Manaweave Armory Create magical weapons and armor
Manaweave Consumable Create magical consumables
Manaweave Charged Items Create magical charged items
Manaweave Wonders Create magical wondrous items
Manaweave Sentience Create magical constructs and the like
Manaweave Contingencies Create magical traps and contingencies

Racial/Type Feats
|. Feat Name|. Rough Idea|
|-Armor Type-|[Construct]|-Fancy smancy armor nonsense-|
|Cultural Adaption|Any|Can take feats not for your race?|
|Feign Heritage (Subtype)|Any|Character loses all drawbacks of subtype, but retains benefits, this includes not being effected by (Subtype) Bane weapons of appropriate subtype.|
|Greater Shifting|[Shifter]|Increase bonuses from +2 to +4 ?|
|Shifting Heritage|[Shifter]|Choose another Shifting Heritage, can manifest either, or both in the same action at 3x the cost.|

Sculpt Body [Shapechanger] Spend full-round action to shuffle around HD worth of Physical Ability points, or shift 1 point as a [Move Action]. No more than HD can be shifted around at any given time.

Therugic Feats

Feat Name Rough Idea
X & Y Get some circles of both based on Level?

Tactical Feats
Feats that provide 3 new combat maneuvers, or later combat maneuvers.

Feat Name Rough Idea
Cavalry Charger Bad Ass Riding Feat
Clarion Commander Leadership-war ally buffing feat


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