Basic Races

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For a simpler list of races available within Azuria, consider the following.

Basic Races

Human, Weavers are the most common kind of human. They are known for culturally adapting to their surroundings and being among the most versatile of races.

Dwarf, The Skjöldir, or Shield Dwarves, a the most sociable of the dwarven kind. They are known for their prowess in the manipulation of stone and steel.

Elf, The Orelda, or High Elves, though more reclusive than their woodland kind, are incredibly prone to depth of understanding in arcane magic.

Gnome, The Skaltapzira, or Rock Gnomes, have a culture of celebrating trickery and inventive story-telling.

Halfling, The Lyfeet, or Light-foot Halflings, are said to be the most adventurous of their kind, and are known for their excellence at riddle-games.

Orc, The Rukh-gora, or Orcs, are race of human-sized goblinoids (of the Neghizkera type), that descend from nomadic roots, and are known for their head-on approach to problem solving.

Other Common Race-Choices

  • Ba’hit, a feline anthropomorphic race that culturally respects curiosity and discovery.
  • Changeling, a human race with the natural ability to alter their appearance at will.
  • Darfellan, a cetacean race with a long history of hunters, and a longstanding grudge with the Sahuagin.
  • Dragonkin, a template for those related directly to dragons.
  • Drow, an elven race with a complicated and bloody history with their fellow elves.
  • Elan, an enigmatic race of humans that seem to be unable to reproduce or age.
  • Goblin, a smaller goblinoid race that typically makes its home underground.
  • Half Giant, though small by giant standards, most half-giants seem like enormous burly humans.
  • Kitsune, a shapeshifting race that are known for exquisite beauty and gentle trickery.
  • Planetouched, a gathering of templates for races distantly connected to various planes.
  • Kobold, a reptilian race distantly related to the dragons themselves, perceived as cruel and industrious.
  • Shifter, an animal-themed race of semi-antropomorphic dyrmen that seem as semi-therianthropes.
  • Soulforged, a magical race of intelligent constructs.
  • Whisper Gnome, shadow-touched race of gnomes who can create supernatural silence.

Basic Races

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