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The Fighter Character
Minimum Scores: Str 9, Dex 6, Con 7, Int 3, Wis 6, Cha 6
Hit Die Type: d10 (max 9)
Alignment: Any
Experience bonus: Strength 16+
Armour/Shield Permitted: Any
Weapons Permitted: Any
Weapon Proficiencies: 4 + 1 every 2 levels
Penalty to hit for non-proficiency: -2
Weapon Specialization: All; 5 Ranks
Combat Style Specialization: All; 3 Ranks

The Fighter is a combat heavy master of weaponry type character…

Level XP Required Hit Dice (d10) Notes
1 0 1 Fighting the Unskilled
2 1,900 2
3 4,250 3
4 7,750 4
5 16,000 5
6 35,000 6
7 75,000 7 Bonus Attacks
8 125,000 8
9 250,000 9 Nobility
10 500,000 9(+3)1
11 750,000 9(+6)1
+1 +250,000 ++31

1 After 9th level the Fighter no longer gains any more HD, but instead gains +3 hp per level, Constitution hp adjustments do not increase this bonus hp per level.

Fighter Saves
Level Wands Breath Weapon Poison Polymorph Unlisted
1-2 16 17 14 15 17
3-4 15 16 13 14 16
5-6 13 13 11 12 14
7-8 12 12 10 11 13
9-10 10 9 8 9 11
11-12 9 8 7 8 10
13-14 7 5 5 6 8
15-16 6 4 4 5 7
17-18 5 4 3 4 6
19+ 4 3 2 3 5
Fighter THAC0
Level Roll to Hit Armor Class Zero (THAC0)
1 20
2 19
3 18
4 17
5 16
6 15
7 14
8 13
9 12
10 11
11 10
12 9
13 8
14 7
15 6
16 5
17 4
18 3
19 2
20+ 1

Fighting the Unskilled (1st): When the fighter is attacking creatures with less than a full hit die (i.e. less than 1d8 hit points), the fighter receives one attack for each oftheir levels of experience, e.g. a 4th-level fighter attacking goblins would receive 4 attacks per round.-

NB: A fighter exercising multiple attacks departs from the normal initiative procedure. The fighter will automatically attack first in the round unless fighting an opponent with multiple attacks of its own (in which case initiative should be rolled as normal). The fighter’s second attack in any given melee round will come last in the sequence.

Bonus Attacks (7th): Fighters with melee weapons attack once per round at 1st to 6th levels (1/1 attacks); at 7th to 12th levels, they attack thrice every two rounds (3/2 attacks); and at 13th or higher levels they attack twice per round (2/1 attacks). A partial additional attack (e.g. 3/2 attacks) means that the extra attack is taken on odd-numbered rounds in the combat sequence, hence two attacks on the first round, one on the second, two on the third and one on the fourth, if applicable.

Nobility (9th): A fighter of 9th level or higher who has built a castle and cleared a wide area around it of monsters (at least a 20 mile radius), will attract a body of mercenaries to their service, provided that these are paid a fair wage. The fighter will also be able to tax each freeholder, at up to the maximum rate of 1 gp per month per resident. Some players may choose to retire a character at this point, satisfied that the character has entered the historical records and legends of the campaign world. Others may choose to view the stronghold merely as the first step toward the pinnacles of mythic power. Such player-held castles and villages provide a higher-level party with a base for adventures, a stronghold against enemies, and possibly the introduction of feudal politics and war into their already-eventful lives.

Fighter Kits

Barbarian – A wild and untamed warrior that flies into a frenzy.
Gain: d12 Hitdice, Enrage, Immune to Backstab, Fast Movement, Damage Resistance
Lose: Cannot use armor heavier than Splint Mail, can only Specialize in Weapons and Combat Styles, Can only be proficient (not specialized) in missile weapons.

Enrage (1st): A barbarian may fly into an enraged state once per day per 4 levels. The enraged state lasts for 5 rounds and increases strength and constitution by 4. It also incurs a +2 penalty to armor class and saves vs. magic. It grants immunity to charm, hold, fear, maze, confusion, sleep, stun and level drain.

Immune to Backstab (1st): Barbarians do not suffer additional damage from backstab attacks.

Fast Movement (1st) Barbarians move 30 ft faster than the typical character of their race.

Damage Resistance (11th):
At 11th level a barbarian gains 10% resistance to physical damage (slashing, piercing, crushing, and missile). This increases by 5% at levels 15 and 19.

Kensai – An unarmoured master of a combat
Gain: Kensai Attack Bonus, Kensai AC Bonus, Kai
Lose: Cannot be proficient with missile weapons other than throwing axes, hammers, or javelins. Cannot Use Armor.

Kensai Attack Bonus (1st): The Kensai gains a bonus +1 to hit and damage, which increases at 3rd level and every 3 levels after that.

Kensai AC Bonus (1st): The Kensai gains a bonus -2 AC.

Kai (1st): The Kensai may use the kai ability once per day for every 4 levels (staring with 1 use at level 1). This ability lasts for two rounds, all attacks made by the kensai in that time inflict maximum damage.

Mage Slayer – A dedicated hunter and slayer of mages
Gain: Disrupting Strike, Magic Resistance, Dispel Magic, True Sight, Immune to Hold and Charm.
Lose: May not use any magic items outside of healing potions, armor, and weapons.

Disrupting Strike (1st): For each successful hit on an opponent the mage slayer makes, a 10% cumulative spell failure is applied to that opponent for a full turn (No save).

Magic Resistance (1st): The mage slayer begins play with an innate magic resistance of 14%, and gains +2% magic resistance until level 20. Every odd level after 20 the mage slayer gains +5%, and every even level, the mage slayer gains 1%.

Dispel Magic (1st): The mage slayer may use Dispel Magic as the spell, once per day per every 4 levels (starts at 1st level with one use.) This Dispel Magic acts at twice the mage slayer’s actual level and requires only a single segment to use (just like Magic Missile).

True Sight (4th): The mage slayer may use True Sight as the spell, once per day per 4 levels (starts at 4th level with one use).

OSRIC Fighter

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